Focus on Gaza: Policing Gaza

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Focus on Gaza offers a rare look at what life is like for ordinary people inside the Gaza Strip. In this episode: It has been two months since Israel’s war on Gaza began with a devastating air strike on a police academy. Lauren Taylor reports from Gaza on the impact of that strike on the affected families and on the job of policing itself. Also, host Imran Garda talks to Usama Hamdan, a senior Hamas official, about attempts at Palestinian reconciliation. And, in the first of our weekly glimpses into family life in Gaza, we catch up with the incredible story of the Samouni children.

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4 thoughts on “Focus on Gaza: Policing Gaza

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  3. Gaza has been partially destroyed by terrorising, butchering Israel, so how about focusing and highlighting the Zionist Israel and their suicidal intentions on ethnic cleansing the Palestinian people, all because of their fanatical Zionist need to steal Arab land for their illegal Jewish settlements.

    Israel call Hamas terrorists when Israel are the real terrorists. They terrorise when they make the Palestinians prisoners and refugees in their own land with cruel blockades and closed borders. They have destroyed all infrastructure taking away their livelihoods, restricting basic food, water and all else needed to survive.

    It floors me that the Zionist Jews, (I stress Zionist because I know that not all Jews are Zionists) having suffered the Holocaust and here they are inflicting others with a similar fate. Israel Zionists have become a sadistic, murdering, cruel people, stealing and illegally occupying Arab land for their twisted generational promises. Why is the world remaining silent and allowing these atrocities to happen without comment. Only since the Dec. ’08 onslaught on Gaza have the nations began to feebly protest and object to Israel’s actions. Israel have PA and Egypt in their pockets resulting in the Rafa border remaining closed, blocking those desperately needed food/supplies and medical supplies to the Gazans. Why is this not overturned by the the Arab/World nations? Why do they do NOTHING?

    America is equally guilty, supplying Israel their mighty military capabilities and support in all they do, down to the disproportionate, imbalanced bombardments inflicted on the defenceless people of Gaza. I hope and pray that Obama will be the one to change the Zionist hold that Israel has on America and will have the strength and wisdom to stand up to the now extreme right Zionist, Netanyahu and Lieberman. God help the West Bank and Gaza Strip with those lunatics in power. I also pray that with Israel’s intention to inflict yet another Gaza onslaught that this will force the word nations to slam the Israeli/IDF sadistic goals and prevent this from happening….

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