Obama announces plan to continue US military occupation of Iraq

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By Joseph Kishore
28 February 2009

President Obama formally announced his administration’s plans for the continued US military occupation of Iraq on Friday, in remarks delivered at the Camp Lejeune marine base in North Carolina. Far from bringing the war to an end, the plans will maintain present troop levels for one year and ensure a substantial military presence for at least three years, through the end of 2011.

As leaked to the press earlier this week, Obama’s plan calls for the withdrawal of all “combat troops” by August 31, 2010, 19 months after his inauguration. This means that the US military presence will continue at present levels through the Iraqi elections scheduled in the fall, ensuring that the occupying forces can maintain a watchful eye over the “democratic” process.

Beginning next year, troops are scheduled to be gradually transferred out of Iraq, leaving a “residual force” of up to 50,000 soldiers after August 2010. Although referred to by the administration as “non-combat troops,” this is a verbal sleight-of-hand, as they will continue to be involved in combat activities. Obama said that these soldiers will be involved in “training, equipping, and advising Iraqi Security Forces as long as they remain non-sectarian; conducting targeted counter-terrorism missions; and protecting our ongoing civilian and military efforts within Iraq.”


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6 thoughts on “Obama announces plan to continue US military occupation of Iraq

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  2. We were under Bush’s horrible reign for far too long, that we became jaded, cynical and too quick to doubt and draw the sometimes unwarranted and wrong conclusions. Obama is no Bush (THANK GOD!!), and he has no thirst for controlling oil resources – while Bush and his cronies did, and for obvious reasons. Obama, I have no doubt, wants us out of there as soon as possible, but he’s a man who doesn’t rush to make decisions without consulting those who know better, and in this case they are the U.S. commanders on the ground, who too have no hidden agenda to stay in Iraq longer than needed. Our withdrawal must be done sensibly, like Obama said. We went in without thinking but we should exit Iraq with serious thinking of all implications and ramifications to us and the Iraqis.
    Obama doesn’t have these rediculous imperialistic dreams of controlling the world, an I’m willing to bet that if circumstances on the ground got better faster than we anticipate, that he’d order the withdrawal the U.S. troops earlier than planned. I’m an Arab American and eager to have our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible, but I believe we should cut the president some slack, trust him and let him govern and make decisions. Like I said, ther’s no reason to worry with this president, and I believe that time will show that he’s a great man who will make history – he just needs our support and belief in him, and for now, at least, he has mine.

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