It’s Time to Make Free Energy our Next Grass Roots Victory By Steve Windisch

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
March 3, 2009

In the 1950’s and 1960’s ; the Civil Rights movement vastly grew and was ultimately successful because of Grass Roots Activism. In the 1970’s and 1980’s ; the Woman’s Rights and Ecology movements also had many great successes… All because of the grass roots pressure put on by millions of every-day Americans standing up and having their voices heard collectively.

In this new Century…. We can also be likewise victorious in the quest to end oil and coal as fuels: Through the use of new and thoroughly viable and safe technologies that are now being held secret and suppressed by our governments, that are not being studied by our Universities, and that are languishing on the dusty and hidden shelves of corporate giants. These technologies will provide the world with cheap, utterly clean, safe, and abundant energy…. Ending the control and vast power of the energy cartels forever; and changing our society and planet for the better.

Nothing we could possibly do right now would help this planet more: Without fossil fuels dominating the landscape and atmosphere, we can start to repair the deep damage to our sacred home that the long decades of unbridled pollution have caused. Without the corrupting influence of the energy cartels and their allies, the international banks… Wars would no longer be profitable; thus no longer funded. Without the draconian, wholly regressive secret tax set on us by the energy corporations (larger than any tax ever complained about by politicians), we will have much more money in our pockets for reviving the economy and for education, infrastructure, and building a new future based on peace and prosperity for all… This will become possible with the new independence of thought that will come from no longer being in thrall to the electrical grid and the corner gas stations: For we will now be Free Citizens of a society based on abundance… And not scarcity.

Imagine what a real “free enterprise” system would look like when energy was cheap and generated by ourselves: Entrepreneurs would flourish like never before, small business could compete again with large corporations when the energy playing field was finally leveled; and the technology paradigm has utterly changed. The boon in America’s manufacturing sector that the new energy-producing devices will bring, would soon win back all the losses to China and other nations we have seen in the last 20 years. People would be prosperous; the booming economy would be based on the realities of enterprise and consumer-driven demand… To a point where whatever Wall Street’s make-believe world of parasitic speculation does… Matters very little any more: “Main Street” will have finally won the battle for the reigns of Capitalism and our economy. With immense new tax revenues from the start-up and revitalized companies producing all manners of new devices; and tax dollars coming from the workers themselves as unemployment drops to World War 2 levels… The Federal Deficit would soon be a thing of the past; and true world economic stability would be restored.

But how is this all possible? How is it that we could have these wonderful things that sound so much like a pleasant dream; compared to the waking-nightmare horrors of today?

It is, good people, because the technologies that would allow this new prosperity and great optimism for our future is being deliberately kept from us… And has been for many years.

There are over 3,000 Patent Requests to the U.S. Patent Office that have been declared “secret”; the inventors forbidden to market, talk about, or even further research them. Most of these “secretized” Patent Requests have to do with Free Energy devices, which would “coincidentally” challenge the use of oil and coal as fuels. There are hundreds of other Patents that have been bought by major corporations and subsequently shelved permanently. There are many working alternative energy technologies which show tremendous merit and promise, but which are being ignored by our major Universities… No studies being done on them despite great evidence and proofs of their value in ending the reign of fossil fuels. And there are many devices and technologies out there today, which have been ignored by the corporate-owned mainstream media, so most people never have a chance to ever hear of them and decide for themselves if they are viable or not.

The below are excerpts from a letter recently written to President Obama by the author detailing the above, and listing just a few of the “Free Energy” technologies that certainly merit much greater free and open research.

Dear President Obama,

I am writing you today about alternative energy technologies that would end the use to coal and oil as fuels. These are popularly called “Free Energy” technologies and devices; meaning not literally “Free”… But cheap, clean, and renewable energy that can be produced by ourselves at home or on board a vehicle. There are many of these technologies that have been proven to be worthy of further study… And that is exactly the problem: They are not being properly studied by our Universities and private laboratories. Nor have their successes been talked about in the U.S. mainstream media. And in many cases, the U.S. government has in the past actively worked to suppress many of these technologies; using the Patent Office to identify them and then declare them “secret”…. Despite very tenuous reasons for doing so in that by any stretch of the imagination, many of these technologies cannot be considered “weapons”…. And they are only “dangerous” in that they challenge the hegemony of coal and oil. This “secretization” of Patent requests has happened over 3,000 times according to Dr. Thomas Valone, PhD (most of these being “free energy” devices); who is a long-time Patent Office employee ( least as of 2007 when he made these statements publicly via video interview), and a leading scientist and voice for Free Energy.

Besides the military’s “secretization” of these devices, there are many other problems stopping these technologies from reaching the marketplace… Despite their general utility being proven (their ultimate utility may still be in question: But it is very difficult to deny that they do not deserve further intensive study, considering how important they could be to all of us). What is needed is a new fast-tracked program to insure that government Grant money be provided for both University and private research of these technologies. For some “unknown” reason, most are not being seriously studied within the United States. This means that when the door to free energy is finally opened… We will be on the sidelines and other countries will be in the forefront. We should be the leaders in this exciting new field: Our economy, especially the manufacturing sector, could then benefit greatly within a very short time.

Here is a brief and very incomplete list of the technologies that merit much greater study… And that could free us from the pollution and monopoly-like control of coal and oil as fuels.

Magnetic Motors: There is much proof that the power of magnets alone can power electrical generators. This means that power could be made from such a device continuously and utterly pollution-free… As long as the magnets in the device last (perhaps 50 years). There is an interesting wrinkle here that should be brought to your attention: The U.S. Department of Energy is said to be in possession of a very important Patent for the last 7 years; which details a method for manufacturing “Asymmetrical Magnets” (in which the “North” pole of a magnet can be made to be more powerful than the “South” pole, or visa-versa). This Patent is from the inventor Vijak K. Chandhok, “Method for producing through extrusion an anisotropic magnet with high energy product”, U.S. Patent No. 6,787,083 ; apparently most recently re-issued on Sep. 7, 2004.

This Patent and the earlier ones relating to it would appear to be the key for making magnetic motors work best. Yet the DOE has been accused of sitting on this technology for several years. I would strongly urge you to look into this matter; and “free” this Patent for use by our manufacturing sector, and for free and open university study. Further information on this subject can be seen in the “Correspondence” area of Col. Tom Beardon’s website (U.S. Army, Retired). Col. Beardon, PhD, is quite elderly and in poor health… But is still perhaps the most respected voice in the Free Energy arena. His website can be found here: .

Energy from Hydroxy (the disassociation of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen; also popularly known as “HHO” or “Brown’s Gas”). This exciting field has seen a great boom in past years, as a “booster” for internal combustion engines. Electrolyzer cells in the car break down the water into H and O gas safely on demand; and this gas is burned in the engine along with gasoline or Diesel to increase mileage greatly. It is a proven technology… And in thousands of cars and trucks today. Yet much more can be done with Hydroxy than is being done currently: It appears an entire vehicle can be powered by it, with the energy needed to electrolyze the water far less than current scientific doctrine claims… In fact the power from a car’s alternator can produce the Hydroxy… Making the vehicle entirely self sustaining, running on nothing but water as a fuel. The American inventor Stanley Meyer did so back in the early 1990’s (and was filmed by news crews on the road in his famous Hydroxy-powered “dune buggy”), before his controversial death. Since the Hydroxy gas is created from water on demand as you drive; there is no need for expensive and dangerous Hydrogen storage tanks…. No need for an expensive infrastructure to support it (as Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology requires, which demands 99.999% pure Hydrogen stored at very high pressures; forcing a centralized hierarchy for distribution) .

Energy from Plasma. This is also an exciting field, with many variants but all with a central theme: Huge amounts of “free energy” can be released from Plasma / Ball Lightening reactors with no pollution or dangerous radiation. One scientist working outside of the mainstream who has a working system right now is Dr. Kiril Chukanov (currently in Canada). His website; with photos, videos, and extensive and detailed audio interviews of the scientist can be found here : .

There have been several successful devices invented over the last 40 years using plasma energy; such as that by Joseph Papp, and Dr’s. Paulo and Alexandra Correa. There is currently a company in New Jersey trying to market a similar technology, called “Blacklight”. And even M .I. T. has a large and extensive project studying energy from Plasma; only really on the periphery. There is little doubt that energy from plasma is a very important technology for our future: High-voltage plasma spark can even make water droplets “explode” and release large amounts of energy. And there is an American inventor, named Robert Krupa, who has designed a new spark plug using plasma spark that can easily raise mileage with gasoline by 40% in most cars. He is being constantly stymied from getting his independently-proven device to market… It is ready to go right now, ready to lower gasoline usage greatly for millions of Americans. I have personally spoken with Mr. Krupa; I can assure you he is “for real”: An automotive industry veteran and an excellent example of a humble, every-day American and inventive hero. I strongly recommend your Office contact him and offer your help to see his great invention finally realized.

L.E.N.R. (Popularly known as “Cold Fusion”) . Back in 1989, the work of Dr.’s Pons and Fleischmann became briefly famous for inventing a process that releases energy at near-room temperatures, then “Infamous” as they were wrongly accused of either “poor science” or “fraud”… But interestingly enough, their experiments showing that large and useful amounts of energy can be obtained by “cold fusion” have been successfully replicated over 120 times all over the world… But rarely in the U.S. “for some reason”. This is clearly a viable, working technology that was wrongly attacked by the U.S. mainstream media.. Yet when all the facts became known, the media has always refused to retract any of their accusations… Generally refusing to mention it even 20 years later.

LENR was strongly championed by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove (formerly of Harvard and MIT); who lobbied for years to change this travesty. He was murdered over 4 years ago, and his case has never been solved.

There are many other technologies in this genre that merit a vigorous program of increased research. Yet they are not being researched. This desperately needs to change: And you,. Mr. President, are the man who could change this; and change our world for the better.

Enclosed with this letter is a hardcopy of one of a series of articles I have written reporting on Free Energy and the Open Source Energy movement, originally published on political blog sites. To summarize; the Open Source people want to change the paradigm: To that where these technologies become openly studied, and eventually marketed. We want to end the use of oil and coal as fuels… Forever. But it is important to note, that coal and oil would still be in demand for plastics and chemicals of all types, including pharmaceuticals (perhaps 1/3 of their total usage now). So eliminating them as fuels would not destroy their businesses entirely… But it would clean up the environment greatly, and end this energy strangle-hold over us. Cheap and clean energy is what is needed to feed the poor of the world, to raise them up… And to insure our Middle Class here in the U.S. stops our slow slide into poverty. We must start creating our own energy: And end the power of the energy cartels to control our lives.

Sir, we in the Open Source Energy movement will continue to work towards these goals with or without your help (on shoe-string budgets, working in our garages and basements)… And eventually these technologies will see the light of day despite the suppressions: Because when enough of us know about them via Grass Roots activism, when these devices have been successfully replicated hundreds of times all over the world… It will be too late to stop. But please note that the United States is in a unique position to become the leading energy producing giant of the world. If we do it first, instead of our foreign competitors, we could see an economic boon and positive movement for Humanity few have even yet imagined.

Please take the time to look at the articles, or study this subject further with other materials. I assure you there are verifiable proofs that show these technologies definitely deserve further study at the very least. A fast-tracked program of Grants, opening up this process for the Universities to study these “forbidden” subjects without suppressions… Could benefit this world like nothing ever seen before. If nothing else, these Studies could debunk what I have told you here: Yet, would not the oil corporations themselves have debunked them already with studies if they could do so? When Trillions of easy profits are on the line… How can we trust in them to do what is best for Humanity? This is the classic role of Government. You, Sir, are in a very unique position here: Please, for all of us, for the future of this Planet… Please look into this matter carefully (…especially the claims of the asymmetrical magnet manufacturing process Patents being held and “sat on” by the U.S. DOE).

Article “Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 4) attached (with many links there for further study).

Best Regards,

Steve Windisch (Internet name “jibbguy”)

Letter writing may be a futile gesture… Unless enough of us also do so; until a grass roots movement for this highly important cause blooms across the country and planet. After studying the genre of Free Energy for many years, I have recently come to the conclusion that NOW…. This year 2009… Is the best time we have had in a very long time to see some real progress and success in having these technologies come into light of day. There have been some indicators that the government is now considering revealing certain secret projects. Besides the aforementioned free energy technologies, there is also the question of “anti-gravity” devices/vehicles; which there is much evidence to have been known about and studied secretly since at least 1966 or even possibly as far back as 1945 . There are credible reports that the U.S. and several other governments have “UFO”-like aircraft powered by these “anti-grav” principals… And note that this technology is by definition also “free energy”; as it could easily also be used to power electrical generators in our homes or vehicles.

President Franklin Roosevelt is said to have once told a group of visiting African-American Civil Rights leaders in the 1940’s:

I agree with everything you have said. Now go out and make me do it!”

Meaning that until we, the people of the world and of the United States, show our governments that we are now demanding that the anti-gravity and Free Energy technologies be released for the good of all… They will likely never do so. After all; imagine what will be the immediate questions they will then have to face: WHY was this kept from us all these years? Why was the ecology allowed to suffer so, when it need not? How could we be held in thrall to the energy cartels all these years, when clear alternatives were available? This will be a challenge, and disincentive, for any government to finally “come clean”. No only this, but we are facing the largest, most powerful political lobby in the history of the planet: Bucking the energy cartels is not an easy decision for any politician to make. But perhaps when viewing this conundrum, we can all agree that in this case, it is more important to solve our very serious problems now than to place blame for the past. We can no longer afford to go on as before… There no longer is the luxury of delay and pushing off these important decisions. The ecology, the economy, and our futures can no longer afford it. The time for the unveiling and introduction of the anti-gravity and free energy technologies is NOW.

Back in the 1993 after his retirement; the former head of Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” (producers of the B-2 “Spirit” Stealth Bomber and SR-71 “Blackbird”), Benjamin Rich, said on the record at an U.C.L.A. School of Engineering Alumni awards dinner (and again three days later at a presentation given at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base):

“We already have the means to traverse the stars but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of god to ever get them out to benefit humanity.. Any thing you can imagine we already know how to do.”

Please study the articles below, skimming to the end for the many Links found there if you like… Take some time to check out these technologies for yourself: And if you feel like we in the Open Source Energy movement do, that these devices certainly at the very least merit much more study by our Universities, that they should be freed from secrecy if need be…. Then please write President Obama and tell him so.

For that is all we are asking: Free these technologies for open study by our major Universities. Their true merits can then be decided by the results… And those results then reported on fully by the mainstream media. From there, we will let the markets do the rest. For once the devices are widely known about and proved valid… There is no stopping our dream of ending coal and oil as fuels… And profoundly changing our world for the better… From becoming reality.

We can “make him do it”… We can change this world and our futures. And we can see a world that in only a few years has transformed from being polluting, war-mongering, famine-plagued, and based on scarcity.. To one that embraces peace, prosperity, and plentiful food and clean water for all. This is how we end the fears of over-population: With the proven methods of increasing prosperity and education for the Third World, with the cheap desalinization of seawater and cheap energy for agriculture and industry. This is how we end the dangers of Global Warming; by stopping the polluting of our atmosphere cold. And this is how we insure a safe and secure economy: By building a new one on the solid foundations of domestic manufacturing and truly free enterprise… By allowing Main Street to control our futures; not the energy cartels and Wall St. international bankers.

Carefully consider it. And if you agree, please write your own letters to the President and our elected officials. The time has come to speak out, and for the Free Energy Grass Roots Movement to begin in earnest!

This is a spontaneous movement with no leaders, no politicians, no calls for donations, and no requirements at all of political dogma…. It is a coalition of all who want to see the end of coal and oil as fuels; and who have looked at the huge amount of comprehensive data available, and decided for themselves that there is no plausible reason that these new technologies not be intensely studied by our Universities and private labs in an unfettered environment. And it is a movement of concerned people from all over the world, who want to change our planet for the better.

You can start your journey with reading the below, or using the links at the end of the articles… Or simply Google-search “Free Energy”. Take “The Red Pill”: And prepare to be astonished at what has been kept from us our entire lives.


Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 1)

Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 2)

Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 3)

Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 4)

Capitol Climate Action: Mass Civil Disobedience in D.C.

Life after oil: alternative power

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Running hamsters, tapping fingers tapped for energy

Advanced Energy Research – Steve Greer 2007-08-20 Presentation (video)

Free Energy – Pentagon Conspiracy to Cover up (video; 2007)



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  5. The URL for this webpage was posted on Vortex-L, scientific anomalies. Various Vortexians are working on all of the above technologies and several others too.

    The problem isn’t technology, it’s politics. We need people all over the country to write their politicians. If you know someone who has the ability to contact President Obama, then get this URL to them. Call talk radio; begin with, the reason that we are still poisoning the atmosphere with carbon dioxide is because of the suppression of zero point energy, finish your remarks with, do an Internet Search with the terms suppression and zero point energy. and see what comes up. Contact any other media outlets that you come across. Demand that they cover this issue.

    We have an issue, Global Warming, and a new broom in the White House, this is our time!

    • Thomas,

      thx for posting this. I tried to get on there at “Vortex-L” and reply to the thread by it appears to be only possible by email reply.

      Regarding the quote by Ben Rich; it is quite famous and often mentioned as you noted. Recently when researching this i checked for a You-Tube vid of it that was supposed to show him saying it ( i vaguely remember seeing it about 4 years ago). But the vid has been removed for breaking “Terms of Service”.

      Since then i contacted the U.C.L.A. School of Engineering Alumni Association requesting any info they had on it and asking if any of their staff remembers the incident, or if they could pass on my request to an eyewitness. No reply from 2 emails to them (over 2 weeks ago now).

      The other side has had several years to debunk this if they could (one would presume there would be interest for doing so); and have not. Besides these incidents, there are eyewitness testimonies from former friends of Rich who claim he said very similar things about highly advanced technology to them. A You-Tube for one of these claims is here:


      There were an estimated 400+ witnesses total to both of the events where he was reported to say it within a 3-day period; and many people on the ‘web claim to have seen the removed You-Tube showing him saying it as well. But i must agree it is not concrete proof, however i would be very interested in seeing any debunking of it based on hard fact as well.

      I thank you for your interest! And i like what i saw at the Vortex-L site 😉

  6. But puleaze:

    I can’t read this article!

    I use a torch that dissociates water into hydrogen and oxygen and recombines them into a flame, it takes a lot of electricity to do that. Same with plasma.

    Magnets do NOT run on their own! You coil wire and spin through magnets, you get electrons (electricity), but you have to have energy to spin it!

    Please, we have Entropy. Energy has to come from somewhere. The cold fusion myth… my god (for real), fusion happens in the sun, I don’t want it anywhere near me, it was a hoax!

    Give this whole thing a rest, there is no free energy, you still have to work, somehow.

    Work is good, please stop looking for a free way out.

    The organisms that created the oil we burn, that stored solar energy, worked for their lives, and died young, by unimaginable numbers.

    The water that flows through dams got here, and is held here by elemental gravitational energy from the core of the universe you better hope doesn’t come back any time soon.

    The atomic realm, energy within atoms? LEAVE IT THERE! You DON’T wanna get involved with particles! (Unless you’re a physicist working at CERN).

    Show me a ‘graviton’, explain magnetism, and maybe we can talk, but until then, life on earth was fine. We can do just fine with the classical tools available, without all this conspiracy.

    • First, take some time to study what you knee-jerk deny.

      >L.E.N.R. is for real, over 120 accredited scientists all over the world at major universities have proved it. Denying that is just ignorant… Or are you suggesting a “conspiracy” there, lol?

      > There are systems for sale now that disassociate water into “HHO” at over 4 times the “Faraday” energy requirement that is still being taught in college. The key is to use high voltage pulses between thinly spaced plates, which acts like a capacitor with the water as the dielectric. When the capacitance of this micro-system is exceeded, there is an “explosion” which disassociates the water…. Like a capacitor in a circuit blowing up from being over-voltaged or reverse-biased. This is conventional electrical theory, nothing exotic, just clever.

      As for magnets, there have been dozens of devices that show that magnets and other components can be assembled in such a way as to self-run… And many of these systems had patents that were bought or taken by the government or corporations then shelved (they spent their time and money on frauds?). Study the work of Johnson, Sweet, Adams, Newman, de Palma, Kawai and many others to numerous to mention here.

      And regarding “Entropy”.. Yes i agree it exists. What many refuse to admit is that there are unseen forces adding energy to the systems, so these devices are not “perpetual motion machines, but “sailboats” using the power of the unseen wind.

      What is ironic with these naysayers is that their claims of “bad science” are highly irrational themselves: Where are their studies debunking these technologies? They don’t exist… And never have, because there are very “good” reasons for the mainstream for not studying these technologies (because once studied, they will be further examined, and their claims then debunked). So ad hominems and baseless derision is their only tool. Good luck with that 😉

  7. ??

    Even a conservative, especially a conservative, should appreciate the idea of a bargain.

    Why not free energy?


    Orient your house on the East-West axis. Build it of reclaimed timbers (cost the sameas newly logged wood, but looks amazing and kills nothing) by local craftspeople re-trained in the lost art of timber framing (google it folks, it’s amazing).

    Put your insulated glass and skylights facing South, shining on warm masonry, with a balcony to main living space overlooking.

    Encapsulate your free-standing crafted timberframe in structural soper-insulated panels, foamed at the seams.

    Run radiant heat through the slab all this is constructed by, and put in a good, centrally located soap-stone stove (hint, you can hook up the stove and the solar to the radiant).

    Cover your whole south-facing roof with solar roofing tiles or adhesive panels (or if you insist use the old-style glass solar panels).

    This has all been worked out and engineered.

    Plant a friggin garden on your big plot of land (which is now cheap).

    Put on a sweater if you live up north.

    And stop all this industrialist, consumerist complaining about energy and global warming!

    What NOT to do: Subdivide farmland into suburban lots, build cheap mcmansions with no orientation to the sun, no super-insulated panels (SIPS, Google it, and yes you can make them out of soy-foam), and no reclaimed materials.

    Make laws mandating the proper building methods we figured out in the 70’s, but abandoned since reagun’s ‘trees make more pollution than smokestacks’ 80’s.

    And above all, banish forever this Limbaugh-loving conitelpro meddler who posted the absurdity to which I am compelled to reply.

  8. Lol. Oh well… i guess he won’t be writing the President 😉

    Seriously tho Folks… This may be a time of cusp, of limbo… When a small push from the grass roots can mean much more. We need to let them know we want this NOW… That the old charade must end.

  9. These Global Warming Idiots are becoming tedious. The Anointed One is trying to imitate France, Italy, Russia, England, The European Union, et al, in driving our economy toward Socialism. Why, oh why doesn’t he imitate these entities in their use of Nuclear Power. Just one county in France has more Nuclear Power than all of the USA. Heard of any “Big Booms” from the East lately??

    The only Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming is that Al Gore’s momma wasn’t more in tune with N.O.W. as far as reproductive rights are concerned.

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