Underground Group Declares War on Western Industrial Civilization

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Thomas Paine’s Corner received this communiqué from a group calling itself The Army of Gaia. The communication was typewritten with no return address and was post-marked in Los Angeles. I transcribed their message, have destroyed the envelope and its contents, and am now passing it along to the world. Make of it what you will.

—Jason Miller Senior Editor and Founder of Thomas Paine’s Corner

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Anonymous Communiqué from The Army of Gaia:

We battle for all the exploited, oppressed, and genocided human beings—wage slaves, gays, blacks, Latinos, women, indigenous people, Muslims, Palestinians, trafficked children, conscripted military personnel, NAFTA-impoverished farmers, those enslaved and murdered by US imperialism, and all the victims of Western industrial civilization, a relentless, merciless machine that churns out nothing but profits and misery.

We battle for all the exploited, oppressed, and genocided animals—factory farmed cows, pigs and chickens; vivisected mice, rabbits, and primates; slaughtered fish, dolphins, and whales; imprisoned zoo animals; and the many innocent beings slaughtered by sadistic murderers calling themselves “hunters.”

We battle for Mother Earth, mutilated, raped, and contaminated as she is—-her waters fouled by untold millions of gallons of toxins, sludges and sewage; her air permeated with unbearable stenches and noxious pollutants; her once beautifully forested terrain denuded and barren; her mountains and prairies torn asunder by devastating explosions and the relentless pounding of heavy machinery; and her climate destabilized by the incessant discharge of acrid exhaust from all manner of industrial activity.

We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We are teachers, bus drivers, waitresses, cashiers, nurses, pastors, electricians, National Guardsmen, postal workers, and maybe even your neighbor or the homeless man on the corner—-we could be anyone. We move amongst you freely and anonymously. You don’t know, and will never know, who we are. But no matter. If you are one of the victims of the abomination of Western industrial civilization, and most of you reading this probably are, then you have no reason to fear us.

We are relentlessly pursuing the exploiters, the oppressors, and the genociders. The hunters have now become the hunted. We will not rest until we have severed all their blood-stained hands, forever arresting their capacity to rape, plunder and murder. Captains of industry, corporate executives, the excessively wealthy, corporate media mouth-pieces, top-ranking military officials, major corporate shareholders, top level politicians, US puppets abroad, Zionists, scientists, and any and all who participate in the systematic enslavement of the Earth and its inhabitants for their pleasure, enrichment, amusement, and security are the subjects of our wrath.

We will achieve our objectives. They are well-protected but we are ubiquitous, patient, and resourceful. Their power is immense, but they and their system are deeply vulnerable to our stealth and asymmetrical, guerilla tactics. They realize this, and they are afraid. Hence their ferocious blitzkrieg of propaganda to portray all who oppose their murderous agenda as terrorists. They are the true terrorists and we will give them a dose of their own bitter medicine.

We mourn the loss of innocent lives, but celebrate the symbolic victory of 9/11. We stand in solidarity with Kaczynski, McVeigh, the Weathermen, Hamas, Al Quaeda, Hizbollah, the Iraqi resistance, EZLN, AIM, the ALF, the ELF, Earth First, the Taliban, and all who have resisted the murderous reign of Western industrial civilization.

We realize that some with whom we align ourselves have erred. In the process of striking significant blows against the scourge of Western industrial civilization, some have recklessly injured or sacrificed the undeserving. We pledge to avoid maiming or slaughtering the blameless—unlike our sociopathic foes who kill millions of humans and animals indiscriminately and euphemistically label them as collateral damage.

We recognize that the needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few. And that Western industrial civilization caters to the wants of the few at the expense of the many.

We discern that the only changes enacted under Obama will be the names and faces of the politicians and bureaucrats who perpetuate ecocide, omnicide, and Holocaust and that the only hopes fulfilled will be those of the few who benefit from the misery of the many and from the ruination of Mother Earth.

We cry and rage for the tens of thousands of humans, millions of animals, and thousands of acres of plants and trees annihilated by the rapacious minions of Western industrial civilization every day.

We see that time is short and we must slay this cruel, pitiless monstrosity.

We will attack Western industrial civilization at its roots, when and where its loathsome gatekeepers least expect it. We will cripple it, weaken it, and eventually eradicate it.

We are The Army of Gaia and we will not rest until we’ve rid the Earth of the scourge of Western industrial civilization.

2 thoughts on “Underground Group Declares War on Western Industrial Civilization

  1. Taking into account that the western civilization is in a post indsutrial state, and right now has the potential of leading the new green technological revolution, I find that this group is still stuck in 19th century rethorics. They shuld know that Blacks oppress blacks, Whites, whites and Latinos oppress latinos. Western industrial covilization was also built in the backs of white people, just remember the conditions of workers in Victorian England. The fact that their lack of vision and resentment leads them to ally themselves with Al Qaeda and the Taliban its disturbing.
    I agree that the past century has been a disaster, and that the West has much too blame. But what about the enviromental genocide in China?. Western civilization brough us Greek philosophy, the renaissance, the ilustration…
    Their language resembles that of an angry teenager in search of attention. My advice to this group is the following:
    Polish your discourse
    See the possibilities of the 21st century (Well applied science and innovation can save the enviroment)
    And stop the racist demagogery that sees Latinos, arabs and blacks like exploited childs, when they too exploit.
    Out of hate and destruction comes only chaos.

    Still, they have some good points.

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