Miliband: The security situation in Pakistan is fuelling terrorist plots in Britain

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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7 March, 2009

1) David Miliband comments on the situation in Pakistan
2) DEBKAfile: Egyptian manhunt for Iranian agent behind terror attacks on Westerners

excerpt from: David Miliband comments on the situation in Pakistan

Foreign Secretary David Miliband commented on the situation in Pakistan during an interview on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 6 March.

James Naughtie: Well at the risk of asking a very obvious question indeed: what is at stake for the rest of the world in Pakistan?

David Miliband: I think the safety of the UK and its citizens, because as the Prime Minister pointed out when he went to Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks, the majority of terrorist attacks in Britain have links back into Pakistan, or at least into the border area with Afghanistan. Secondly, there’s obviously a large number of British troops and troops from a number of other countries at direct risk in Afghanistan, and I think that that is a potent brew.


excerpts from: Egyptian manhunt for Iranian agent behind terror attacks on Westerners

DEBKAfile, 6 March 2009

Based on Egyptian intelligence findings, president Hosni Mubarak’s aides advised visiting US secretary of state Hillary Clinton last week that an Iranian agent is behind recent attacks on foreign tourists in Cairo, DEBKAfile’s exclusive sources report.

They are hunting an Iranian agent whom they believe set up a terrorist network for these attacks. On Feb. 23, two bomb blasts in Cairo’s central Khalil al Khan market killed a French teen-ager and injured 23, mostly tourists. Then, on March 1, a teacher from the American school in Alexandria was stabbed and suffered minor injuries at the same place. […]

According to classified reports, Egyptian security authorities suspect that all three assaults were the work of a network set up by an officer of al Qods Brigades, Iran’s external terrorist arm, who arrived in Cairo under cover at the beginning of this year. They are not sure if the network is based on Iranian terrorists or local recruits.

US and Middle East intelligence circles find it hard to credit Cairo’s suspicions; an Iranian terrorist team at large in Cairo would represent a grave deterioration in Tehran-Cairo relations. It would also reflect on Iran’s relations with the nations whose citizens were targeted – France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. […]