Scott Horton interviews Noam Chomsky: The roots of U.S. imperialism

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Highly recommend listening to the entire interview on Antiwar Radio.  ~ DS


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Antiwar Radio 03/03/2009: Scott Horton Interviews Noam Chomsky

LibertyInOurTime on Oct 29, 2012

Noam Chomsky, author of Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, discusses the roots of U.S. imperialism, the often overlooked opportunity costs of empire, the exaggerated strength of U.S. economic rivals, the continuation of the Great Game into the 21st century, how the Western World’s observance of the Durand Line exacerbates problems in Afghanistan, the empire’s loss in Iraq, the U.S. doctrine of punishing Iran just to make an example out of them and the Israeli policy of incremental displacement of the Palestinian population in the occupied territories.

9 thoughts on “Scott Horton interviews Noam Chomsky: The roots of U.S. imperialism

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  6. Which begs the question:

    Why is it US policy to support israel in the first place, especially when it’s counter to US public opinion?

    I say we have a referendum.
    There are always so many silly ‘propositions’ on the ballots, why not have a national vote, for once and for all, a proposition for or against US support of Israel determining exactly how many of us support israel’s policies and feel we should be sending them money and arms?

    If this new government is not going to be manipulated by lobbyists, can we start with aipac?

    How many of us really are these zionist jews and zionist protestants? Are we really going to all be roped into supporting the illegal settlements and acts of Israel, bringing on potential terrorist retaliation again, and if so exactly why?

    Which begs another question:
    Wasn’t the whole reformation about the Catholic farce of being able to buy your way into heaven, and isn’t protestant zionist end-times theocratic support for israel exactly that?

    What would Martin Luther say??

    • I thought the exact same thing yesterday about having a referendum, but if it happened (not likely), it would be a close one as Israel does have many, many supporters in the US (brainwashed from propaganda).

  7. its like dismantling the Constitution/Bill of Rights one small exemption at a time, and wah-lah, check mate.
    ya got nothin’ cept what is Authorized.

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