Viva Palestina Aid Convoy near Gaza + Gaza aid convoy attacked in Egypt

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Hasan Ghani reporting for PressTv

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Viva Palestina hopes to break Gaza siege

Press TV
Sun, 08 Mar 2009 12:40:27 GMT

The Viva Palestina aid convoy which has made its way across Europe and North Africa is just a few kilometers away from Gaza.

The convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip is approaching the Rafah Crossing amid signs that the crossing might be open.

Egyptian authorities have so far refused to open the crossing with Israeli official insisting that some of the convoy’s trucks should pass through the occupied territories to be inspected by Israeli troops.


The pressure by Egyptian authorities to force the convoy into crossing through Israeli-controlled Karam Abu Slim border point has created frustration and anger among Palestinians who gathered in Rafah to welcome the Viva Palestina, said Yousf Al-Helou, Press TV correspondent in Gaza.


Meanwhile a row erupted between riot police and Viva Palestina members in the port city of al-Arish after Egyptian authorities started to divide the convoy into two parts to force one part into passing through an Israeli checkpoint.

The viva Palestina activists, however, refused to heed Egypt’s demand and tried to remain as a single convoy. Riot police were deployed to the scene to quell the ensuing scuffle.

via Press TV – Viva Palestina hopes to break Gaza siege.



Gaza aid convoy barricaded by police in 2 car parks

Hassan Ghani reporting for PressTv from Egypt

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Gaza aid convoy attacked in Egypt

Press TV

Sun, 08 Mar 2009 17:30:47 GMT

Gaza-bound aid convoy ‘Viva Palestina’ has been attacked in Egypt on its way to break a long imposed Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Several activists were injured after the attackers – claimed to be members of Palestinian Fatah faction – vandalized some of the cars in the convoy, Press TV reported Sunday.

British lawmaker, George Galloway, who is traveling with the convoy said that Egyptian authorities did not protect the convoy despite their promises.”They are blocking us inside, but they don’t protect us.”

The convoy of peace activists including Press TV presenter Yvonne Ridley and Film maker Hassan Ghani left London on February 14.

Having traveled thousands of kilometers (miles) through Europe and North Africa, the convoy arrived in Egypt on Saturday.

The convoy is scheduled to arrive in the besieged territory Monday morning.

* To read Yvonne’s intriguing account of her experiences en route to Gaza check out the Features and Reflections section of Gaza Under “Siegefire”.


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