Countdown: Path to the current financial situation & Stem cell research

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Countdown – Keith Olbermann describes the path to our current financial situation
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One thought on “Countdown: Path to the current financial situation & Stem cell research

  1. Excellent countdown on the banking scam.

    Anyone personally hurt by the complete collapse in honest commerce resulting from this, all who have lost their livelihoods and jobs over this avoidable debacle should be storming the likes of Goldman Sachs and tearing it down by the brick, which we then rebuild as a windowless pyramid to imprison the likes of Phil Graham (who’s “whining” now, Elmer?) and the entire laundry list of demonic banksters and their government cronies responsible for this.

    We don’t bail out the banks, we storm the homes of the derivatives dealers, as well as any employee who benefitted, and we seize all of their assets like they do drug dealers, you auction off all their houses, boats, cars and cigars, and use that money to bail-out the people.

    Any foreign bank or individual who would ever again trust their investments in US hokey-pokey is insane. This whole thing did us in 10X faster than any of our wars (and not even a miserable munitions-factory job to be had from it).

    Are people reacting? Are they angry yet? Why aren’t the Europeans boycotting everything US for what they now suffer from the scam sold them by our republican indoctrinated Madoffocracy?

    This is not the time to sit back and hope Geithner figures out how to fix it when he’s part of the problem. This is not the time to bail out robber-banks. This is the time to boycott the banks, and make Goldman Sachs, the last of the titans, pay us back for the pain the world now suffers for their swindle.

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