Earth Focus: Episodes 1 & 12

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An environmental news magazine that puts a human face on environmental issues and legislation by featuring under-publicized stories about how environmental changes are affecting everyday people around the world. “Earth Focus” is produced for Link TV by Planet Vox.

This installment of Earth Focus features the following stories: An interview with Frank Loy, former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs from 1998 to 2001, who is now the Chairman of Environment 2004, an organization dedicated to electing leaders who understand the importance of environmental protection.


Earth Focus: Episode 12

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Development may destroy the sacred culture of Altai, Siberia. Scientists call for a bailout for the world’s oceans and the Republic of the Maldives sets plans to survive in the face of rising sea levels. Youth activists report from the climate change talks in Poznan, Poland. Miles Benson interviews British environmental journalist Fred Pearce on the state of the world’s rivers.