Kucinich: How banks spent your bailout money

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Dennis Kucinich on CNN 03/10/2009

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6 thoughts on “Kucinich: How banks spent your bailout money

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    • LOL, sorry for the long-winded volume! Not much of a public speaker, nor political mind. But this is all such an endless outrage… and all because of electing the world’s worst politicians when we were so fortunate to have been blessed with the best– It really matters who’s in office…

      (not that one actually expects people to do any different than usual).

      Dennis continues to be a model representative of the people’s interest, with “No Strings”. Were I of a political bent he’d be a primal inspiration, I hope some gifted young politicians are learning from his example, politicians truly don’t have to be corrupt, and they can be heroic leaders for good (even if it’s only less than 1% of them).

      Only reason for a Natureboy to go to DC is the Smithsonian National Natural History museum, one of the best ever!

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  3. DENNIS should have been president, RALPH shoulda been VP.

    Why are they the two most marginalized candidates?

    Does this make me a leftist for saying that? A ‘Liberal’?

    Dennis and Ralph never woulda let the TARP go down without genuine oversight and conditions. Dennis and Ralph never woulda invaded Iraq, never woulda let the subprime scam go unregulated.

    The people who vilify the only three or four trustworthy public servants in the whole bunch of bona-fide corporate-lobby-sucking criminals on the public payroll as some strange buzzword like ‘liberal’ and ‘leftist’ (terms which have about as much meaning as ‘conservative’ at this point), are completely delusional, diseased in the brain, and bereft of morals and the very laws and morality and rules to which this myth of society claims to adhere. They had their say, and for their electoral blunders deserve their fate.

    Even shock-jock wacko Billo, and ‘so-ultra-‘rightist’-he’s-left’ Alex Jones respect Dennis.

    America, you had yer chance to hire the real deal; genuinely experienced, devoted political public servants who have been at this for decades, and who actually read all the bills and selflessly stand on OUR side for the rule of law and justice (I.E, the correct things to do). Both of them can give as mean a speech as Obomba ever could, and never woulda bombed Iraq or Afghanistan again.

    This idea that neither Dennis nor Ralph are in the Whitehouse, while 18 cabinet positions remain open, yet maniacs from Goldman Sachs (the root of all fiscal evil) STILL get positions of political and financial influence? More malarkey from the amerigoon moronosphere.

    America, you are all a bunch of idiotic WORMS!

    Worthwhile to add to the ‘derivatives for dummies’ category is Keitho’s roundup of the subprime ‘march of folly’ of last night.

    Let’s stop being antisemitic about arabs, and instead lock up for life (or at least bar forever from ever holding any position of power at any treasury or central bank position) anyone and everyone who ever made a dime from Goldman Sachs, especially those who made millions.

    I HATE economics, but Geithner & Paulson promoting policy? These people are economic and monetary swindlers on steroids.

    America deserves what it gets. Anyone who works for bank of Amerigaah, Citi, aig, former stupid merryl lynchmob, all of you should resign in protest! People need to BOYCOTT these abusive banks–

    You need a loan, or a safe place to park money, use a credit union, or a small, safe bank. Check out Salisbury Bank, a small outfit in CT, doing just fine, never signed a subprime securitized loan in its life.

    This here ‘liberal’ is fine with the republigoon’s idea to let the big banks fail, let anyone who ever worked for them go on the dole, get their just rewards for the swindling pay they received at the world’s expense–

    You work for, or borrow from, or give your business to a criminal corporate enterprise? NO BAILOUT SOUP FOR YOU!

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