Obama and US commander discuss military intervention in Mexico

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By Bill Van Auken
10 March 2009

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen briefed President Barack Obama over the weekend on the so-called drug war in Mexico and the prospect of increased US military involvement in the conflict south of the border.

Mullen had just returned from a six-day tour of Latin America, which took him on his last and most important stop to Mexico City. There he held meetings with Mexico’s secretary of national defense and other top military officials and discussed proposals for rushing increased US aid to Mexico under the auspices of Plan Merida, a three-year, $1.4 billion package designed to provide equipment, training and other assistance to the Mexican armed forces.


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4 thoughts on “Obama and US commander discuss military intervention in Mexico

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  2. This goverment follows well known USA steps of teror.
    They do not want to have drug close to ttheir border, but will make sex trafficing (white slaves) and drug center in Kosovo on Serbian land!
    Did Mexicans signed the same agrement with USA (like Canada) that USA Army can intervene in any occasion? Good for USA and bad for those countries..

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  4. This is insanely stupid! The US doesn’t need another foreign policy disaster. How dumb can US officials be? My sources in Mexico assure me the reason for Calderon’s crackdown on the long established drug industry in Mexico is because he is taking control of it for himself, and that he is just as corrupt as any of the previous presidents.

    Obeyme is displaying his unworldliness and gullibility by listening to ill informed paranoid military men and even more paranoid ineffective “drug War” (can we say pissing money away war?) idjits.

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