Britain is now harbouring a menacing enemy within (updated)

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11 March, 2009

Update 4: 15 March 2009

Update 3: 14 March 2009

Update 2: 13 March 2009

Update 1: 12 March 2009

Britain is now harbouring a menacing enemy within

leading article, Daily Express, 11 March 2009

For British troops returning home after risking their lives in the cause of bringing democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan to face abuse from Islamic demonstrators in Luton is a sickening development.

The men of the Royal Anglian Regiment kept their cool in the face of demonstrators who branded them “cowards, killers and extremists”. […]

British Army commanders have spoken of finding themselves fighting British Muslims in Afghanistan – a “mini civil war”, one called it. On current trends, that civil war will soon be waged on the home front, too. […]

Most British Muslims mean their non-Muslim neighbours no harm. But it is becoming increasingly clear that a substantial number are determined to wage a jihad against this nation.


related article:

Inside Afghanistan a British civil war is gathering pace

by Leo McKinstry, Daily Express, 27 February 2009

British troops in the blood-stained wastelands of Afghanistan are […] confronted by a new enemy: home-grown jihadists who were reared in Britain and have travelled to Afghanistan


Update 1

‘We are fighting British jihadists in Afghanistan’ (*)

Top Army officers reveal surge in attacks by radicalised Britons

by Kim Sengupta, Independent, 25 February 2009

(*) front page headline of the print version


Miliband: The security situation in Pakistan is fuelling terrorist plots in Britain

Foreign Secretary David Miliband commented on the situation in Pakistan during an interview on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 6 March.


Update 2

Why do we indulge the enemy within?

Daily Mail, leader, 13 March 2009

Britain is fighting a war – and we are too soft on our enemies

Too little action is being taken by the authorities against hostile Muslims, says Con Coughlin.

by Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph, 13 March 2009


Tolerance and the intolerant

The Islamist protesters against British soldiers espouse a perverse ideology and abuse the liberties of a free society; the liberal State is entitled to defend itself

Times, leading article, 12 March 2009


Update 3

Luton: the enemy within?

by Jerome Taylor and Mark Hughes, Independent, 12 March 2009


Update 4

Parliamentarian Davies: Change the law to make it an offence to abuse British soldiers on parade

excerpts from: Ban rant at forces

The Sun, 14 March 2009

A Tory MP is demanding new laws to stop hate-filled demos aimed at British soldiers.

David Davies wants to amend religious hatred laws to make it an offence to abuse squaddies on parade. […]

Mr Davies said: “Anyone can hurl insults at soldiers without recourse.”

6 thoughts on “Britain is now harbouring a menacing enemy within (updated)

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  2. Do a search for the quotes of Enoch Powell MP, no one loved and cared for the British Isles and Ireland more than he; and all those years ago he saw what was coming; we should honour his memory. To all Muslims I send this massage of love; May your god go with you.

  3. This is fascist Britain. These are popular “news”papers read by the english who love this open fascism because it gives them open season to abuse Arabs and Muslims, which you now hear them doing like dumb stupid sheep all the time.

    • Yes indeed this is fascist britain, we should not be fighting in afghanistan. I am sick of our government acting in such ways….why was the gaza convoy not top news in every news paper and tv news reel. Those evil people at the top of the pyramid shall be removed!!!!

    • Me-thinks thou doth protest too much. This is Britain and the British People must decide, by majority view, what fashions our Society. Let me ask you,” what do you think this radical islamic demonstration in Luton achieved? and what message has been embedded in the hearts and minds of these returning servicemen? Will this hateful demonstration endear them to anything islam? Why did they need and receive police protection? These radicals “vow” on their web-sites “that Britain must convert to islam in the very near future or face the consequences”. We know they are not sending messages of love to the British People, search their web-sites, you will not find any, these “consequences” are a threat, we must rise up and neutralise these possibilities.

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