Kucinich: Insane spending of taxpayers dollars

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Dennis Kucinich on Fox News 03/11/2009

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Kucinich: TARP Bail Out

Kucinich on NBC Nightly News: TARP Bail Out 03/11/09

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Kucinich: Banks Invest TARP funds overseas

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The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt by Matthias Chang

Ron Paul: We Need More Earmarks!

Kucinich: How banks spent your bailout money

The Economy Sucks and or Collapse 2

20 thoughts on “Kucinich: Insane spending of taxpayers dollars

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    • Yeah, wish I knew who was making those loans… 100 mil could save millions of small businesses currently being bled dry by the americon maddoffocracy.

      Congress bewilderingly didn’t mandate oversight in Botchco’s ‘disaster socialism for fatcats’ vast rape of the nation, but couldn’t they have at least said no more 30% credit-card fees? Couldn’t congress have done ANYTHING for the people caught up in the republicon banktocracy??

      We, the people are mandated by our government to pay the banks for their imploded scheme, so they can go on vacation and get city-budget-sized bonuses, and still they have no rules regarding userous fees they can charge at will on credit card debt.

      Conspiracy theorist I’m not, but consider this: Botchco won:

      His party fleeced the nation through manufactured disaster capitalism, and set things up so nobody could fix the mess, just so they’ll be back to fleece the nation again…

      And something tells me they will be voted back in by the ‘what’s the matter with kansas’ blind believers in these swindling, union-busting, warmongering conmen in evangelical clothing.

      • I think it’s worse than what is being talked about. We may not have a country in which to have elections in the future!

        Far too much secrecy. No oversight. Both the Dems and Repubs are in this together. Both are in the Capitalist Party and bow to the big business lobbyists (with the exception of Kucinich, Paul, Sanders and maybe a few others).

        • In the end, the people do still have the power…
          They will decide the governance they’re comfortable with.

          It’s never been more obvious than this last decade the corruption of republicons and the complicity of the dems, and yet these few honest officials are mocked.

          Did I just see a headline that Maxine Waters was trying to finagle bailout funds for her husband’s bank? I hope not! The ranks of honest elected lawmakers are getting thin indeed.

          All that said, it’s not the first country to be corrupt to its core, but then one wonders exactly what these ‘patriots’ who argue so self-righteously for americon militarism are fighting for…

          Wow, Maddow tonight on how Citi, recipient of 3 bailouts, is activating against EFCA (unions). Glad she’s spreading that word. Yet despite how lost the american worker would be in the face of corporate big business with no ‘collective bargaining’, so many of the ‘proles’ are convinced the unions are to blame for everything. Imagine the sweatshop GM woulda been without the UAW, and still the execs woulda buried it. It’s obviously in the DNA of big business to paddle off with the treasure while the ship burns.

          If we do descend into a blatant repeal of the ‘freedoms we fight for’ it’s certainly not for lack of information.

        • Thanks for bringing up the union forming issue. Big business is spending a lot of money to make sure we, the people cannot form unions. It’s time for the people to decide!

  7. It’s… mind-boggling.

    $75 Billion in TARP, and they toss us 1 hundred mil.

    Is this just too huge to comprehend? Where’s the general outrage??

    These banks should be paying US for the incalculable damage they did to honest commerce the world wide, not being subsidized to further theive!

    Dennis is the true watchdog for the people, our patron saint in Congress.

    • We could use a few hundred more “Dennis'” in Congress.

      There is some outrage, as some of the Reps are hearing from their constituents. We must keep the pressure on. Let them know how we feel.

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