Poll: Does “Free Energy” Exist? By Steve Windisch

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
March 11, 2009

There are many controversial alternative energy technologies out there today that have been touted as being direct and highly competitive replacements to coal and oil. Many are listed in the series of articles “Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement” (Parts 1-4), and hundreds of other places around the Internet… These describe devices that produce no pollution, require no fuel, and are safe. The are not really “free”, in that they produce “cheap” energy (and of course the devices will not be given away). They are also not “free” in that many concerned and educated people all over the world believe they are being “held captive”; in that these technologies important to us all have been hidden and suppressed for many years… Due in varying degrees to the below factors of:

> The Trillions in easy profits from fossil fuels (and the hierarchical monopoly-like control therein from having a society based on “scarcity”). When “following the money” and using the lessons of History, human nature, and group psychology; one could predict with near 100% accuracy that suppressions and worse would happen to defend the current system against competing energy sources that would greatly change society.

> Mainstream scientific dogma anathema to change (..for these technologies would also force changes in widely accepted Theory). This irrational and un-scientific fear of change helps keep these technologies from being openly studied by our Universities, and insures that those “maverick” scientists and Professors who do study them pay a significant price by their Peers for even mentioning “perpetual motion” devices. Of course, there is no “perpetual motion”… The energy is just unseen and coming from another source not predicted by current widely accepted Theory. But even this explanation falls down in the case of Hydroxy… The mainstream scientific community is out-and-out lying about the amount of energy needed to create Hydrogen from water: By a factor of at least “4”.. And they have known about the highly efficient techniques for over 20 years. This does not require change in theory to accept (conventional Capacitive theory would explain the much greater efficiency); yet they still refuse to except the vastly more efficient numbers despite numerous proofs… And still teach the old, inefficient numbers which act to discourage the further study of something that would otherwise prove water is a potent and viable fuel that could replace gasoline. The terms “Hydroxy”, “Brown’s Gas”, and “HHO” refer to the creation of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas by the disassociation of water via electrolysis or chemical means. The only byproduct of burning hydroxy in our existing slightly-modified internal combustion or Diesel engines would be water; which can even be reused.

> Draconian, authoritarian demands of the Military-Industrial Complex for having these technologies available only for themselves. Over 3,000 Patent Requests, most of them related to “free energy” technologies, have been “secretized”… And apparently indefinitely shelved. Even a “non-military” government agency; the U.S. Dept of Transportation, is reported to be holding rights for the last 7 years to certain patents for manufacturing asymmetrical magnets that would be of the greatest importance to designing new free energy devices based on the power of magnets to run a generator with no external fuel. There are no legitimate “safety” or “weapons” concerns with magnets (your local Hospital’s “MRI” unit would be more dangerous)…. Why are they sitting on these patents? That is the “Trillion Dollar Question”.

> Corporate greed: Many Free Energy and other inventions (some of them wholly “conventional” in nature, such as “vaporization of gasoline” carburetors and systems that would raise mileage by over 200%), have been bought-out and shelved forever, by large corporations who wish for these important devices to never reach the market and change the current paradigm. Several Hydroxy-based and pulse motor/magnet devices are reported to have also suffered this fate.

For those who have looked at the data, and agree with the validity and value of the Free Energy technologies; the above reasons add-up to a grand deception and plan to keep us using fossil fuels that has gone on for well over 100 years. And we believe the time is now, and past-due, to stop this charade… And allow the free energy technologies to come into the light. The planet, and our nations’ economies, can no longer afford the luxury of doing without them.

Below, the Poll asks if you believe Free Energy technologies exist, and if they are being kept from us. If you are unsure about this subject, please take the time to study it; many concerned people from all over the world believe it is of the utmost importance to us all. We believe that you, as many have, will come to the conclusion that there are no rational reasons for our Universities and independent laboratories to not study these important technologies in an open and unfettered environment…

And that is all we are asking.

Knee-jerk skepticism is a large problem we face here. I would ask that if you are unaware or unsure of these concepts, then first search your mind for a valid reason to discount them out-of-hand; other than you may have heard derogatory and derisive (but unconfirmed), things about them in the past. If you wish, look to the general skeptic / debunking sites and search what they have on “free energy”… There is really little of substance there: Only the usual ad hominem attacks with no scientific basis, and some legitimate denunciations of a very few widely-publicized individuals who were proven frauds in the past. This lack of serious debunking material is because there are little or no actual peer-reviewed mainstream scientific studies to confirm or deny these technologies. We would ask: “Why is this”? That is the “Trillion Dollar Question”.

One would think that the oil companies themselves would spend the money for studies debunking them…. If they could. After all, they spend hundreds of millions on debunking “Global Warming”; and these free energy suppression accusations (including the murders or controversial deaths of many free energy inventors and proponents such as Stanley Meyer and Dr. Eugene Mallove), have been persistent “urban legends”, and continual thorns in their side for many years (since the 1970’s or even before).

Note: The below “Rating System” is a means of tallying a numeric average for a definitive answer. It is arbitrary, of course: But so are all polls 😉

The Free Energy Poll (expanded questions; the shortened actual poll Q’s with less than 90 characters are below):

1. Free Energy technologies exist! And they have been suppressed and hidden from us. They should be intensely studied by our Universities, and the hidden and shelved technologies for generating safe, clean, and abundant energy be “freed” from secrecy! Rated “+5” on the comparative scale.

2. Free Energy devices may exist, but there is no “conspiracy” suppressing them. They just haven’t reached market yet, probably because so far they haven’t worked. But some show promise, and still should be studied much more by our Universities. Rated “+1”.

3. They do not really exist; there may be some minor proofs but they are inconsequential, their inventors and “followers” misinformed or deluded. They do not deserve further study. Rated “-1”.

4. The ground wire to your tin-foil hat must have fallen off: These things are a hoax! Rated “-5”.

5. I honestly have no idea if Free Energy could be “for-real” or not. I need to look into it more when I get the time. But thanks for asking ;). Rated “0”

If this subject interests you, please read the below articles, which link to many more. In the opinions of many around the world, NOW is the time to petition our governments to allow these important technologies to come out into the light. We may be at a time of cusp, when a small “push” in the right direction may make a huge difference. It is well worth the chance, and effort, to let our elected officials know that THIS year, 2009, is the year for releasing the “Free Energy” technologies to the world: For the good of our economy, our environment, and of us all.

Vote in the Poll

Poll questions:

  • Free Energy technologies exist! And they have been suppressed and hidden from us.
  • These devices may exist but there is no conspiracy. They just haven’t reached market yet.
  • They do not really exist. They do not deserve further study.
  • The ground wire to your tin-foil hat must have fallen off: These things are a hoax!
  • I have no idea if Free Energy is “for-real” or not.


Dandelion Salad Poll


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12 thoughts on “Poll: Does “Free Energy” Exist? By Steve Windisch

  1. Here is some very recent info on the U.S. ‘s VERY SUDDEN and surprising reversal of opinion on Cold Fusion / LENR…. Lol despite the over 120 successful experiments around the world in the last 20 years (all outside of the US..) ; they are now claiming to have “re-invented it 😉


    YEAH!!! MSM coverage of a free energy tech!! AM I DREAMING lol?

    Let me be clear, my articles had nothing to do with this, hehehe… It is a response, IMO, to the latest in technology from several labs and companies who are now developing LENR-based systems for the eventual Market. One such system (with COP>25 energy efficiency claimed), that is nearly identical to the ones the US Navy is now touting in the above links, is the “Superwave” technology by the Energetics company of Israel.. So this latest upsurge in LENR awareness, although very welcome (as any publicity on the subject would be), is really an attempt of the deniers and suppressors at “CYA” 😉 … Because in a few short years, if they didn’t do SOMETHING, they would all look like the liars and suppressors they are 😉


    Oh and BTW, some more related news: After close to 5 years since his murder, there is now a $50,000 reward for information in solving the murder of Dr. Eugen Mallove, the most vocal and respected of all free energy / LENR proponents (…apparently put up by the local Prosecutor’s Office in CT). They finally gave up on possibly prosecuting the “usual suspects”, already incarcerated for other non-violent crimes, that they had before pointed to when they stated “the case was solved” over 4 years ago.

    Lol: I do know for fact that those county prosecutors were not happy when my article on the subject (“Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement Part 3”) published last summer 😉

  2. Hi Natureboy thx for commenting. I appreciate your thoughts here, but a few points:

    > Regarding polls being about opinion not science, this is true to a point. However, many believe that the problems we face with getting these technologies out into the mainstream ARE political, not scientific.

    > Regarding the shelved Patent Requests: There are thousands that do not show-up, they are declared “secret”. And if withdrawn before being Issued; they also do not show up (which is what often happens when the tech is bought and shelved by corps). Somehow apparently often the corps get inside knowledge to the Patent Requests and get to the inventor before the Patent is rewarded and becomes public (this is linked to the military’s “secretization” policy). However not all patents suffer this fate (often because the inventor used a clever way around the secretization by sending the info out to another country first so it is too late to “classify”): And there are some that have gone into the public domain because of this, such as those by Stanley Meyer.

    > Regarding your “Water Torch” demonstrator: the amount of current needed to disassociate the water is high in that design because it does not use high voltage, pulsed DC with specially conditioned plate electrodes.. This makes all the difference in getting low-current efficient results. The “conditioning” is a coating of non-conducting powder that forms over time on the electrodes naturally when using tap water (this more efficient system uses NO electrolytes). It improves the “capacitive” qualities and allows the water to be disassociated with less current. This system has the potential of being at least 4 times more energy efficient than the old “Faraday” methods that are still being taught in our universities (probably more like “8 times” as it is refined). And it has been known about for over 20 years… Go figure 😉

    > Regarding “conventional” alternative energy solutions… These are allowed if they are several times less cost efficient than coal or oil. For a person to go “off-grid” today using solar and wind, it would cost as much as $60,000 …. With a ton of ongoing maintenance problems to boot. Lol not much of a threat to the energy cartels 😉

    > Regarding being “Just another cold fusion”… I believe you were misled , like millions, by the attacks on LENR in the media back in 1990. The truth is that “cold fusion” is verified fact, with hundreds of successful replications of the experiments all over the world by mainstream scientists, and LENR is for-real…. You can find over 500 peer-reviewed Papers on it. Curiously, it is just in the U.S. that LENR is not getting the proper funding that it should be. This is covered in Part 3 of my articles, and comments at OEN under this same poll have numerous proofs linked.

    > Regarding getting a device to market: It is not all obvious suppression that is stopping it:: Lone inventors who keep everything secret make it hard on themselves. And they are very often ensnarled in endless legal disputes regarding prior claims or with investors… Because one thing they always seem to not “get” is this: They were NOT the first people to think of these concepts….

    That is why we believe the Open Source model is the best for getting these “controversial” technologies and devices out into the market. It allows the device to get independent testing and replication (vastly improving credibility), and side-steps the legal and secretization problems with Patents.

    • But didn’t Fleischmann and Pons get millions from Toyota and a lab in France to reproduce their cold fusion claims, and still couldn’t get cold fusion to work?

      Running cars on compressed air is so dubious, you’d be better off filling your tank with snake oil… (But there was a fun episode on ‘mythbusters’ with a coca-cola rocket triggered by menthos).

      I’d be more inclined to look into rare earth magnets, I bought some of the first ones that became available in the 80s, and now have a huge collection stuck all over the place, they are plentiful, cheap, and have an outrageous amount of energy, which still is not apparently fully understood.

      But this idea that they are powerful enough to capitalize on the moment of inertia so they keep going ‘round & ‘round, yielding 5x the output as required to spin it, and that it will spin forever (or whatever it is they claim…), It doesn’t take a skeptic to point out that if it worked, i suspect MIT would be all over it, and dirty coal would be dead.

      (But let’s hope they’re just late to the party, and that the Matter/Anti-matter Flux Capacitor is already in R&D somewhere in the Outback, and coming soon to a store near you…).

      Weren’t we supposed to be in production that perpetual magnet motor by now, according to those two Aussies? Are you saying that the reason I can’t get one at Home Depot is because either they are greedy & holding out for the highest bidder, or the discovery is being repressed by a shadow-conspiracy of oil magnates who would have them rubbed-out by Blackwater goons under orders of Dick Cheney and his cronies at Enron if they ever went public with the actual design?

      I would tend to suspect that instead it doesn’t quite work as claimed. But by all means prove me wrong!

      BTW, was there a footnote to the figure of “6000” secretized patents (not that I doubt it, but sometimes conspiracy theories ruin the real ones). If they were ‘secretized’, had you mentioned why we would know about them at all? I mighta missed it…

      It’s almost like pure science fiction what’s discovered and invented these days. After all, who would have imagined that this computer, the size of a book, could store the Library at Alexandria, and access the rest of known knowledge online?

      But with that shared knowledge we now have online, this unprecedented access to ideas and their transmission, we also are less likely to have good ideas get quashed without anyone ever seeing them.

      I agree it is absurd that inventors are such a selfish, cagey sort. My family members have many patents, from reflex loudspeakers to carbon bicycle spokes– personally I think patents promote paranoia and selfishness.

      (There’s a reason for the caricature of the inventor as quirky unwashed curmudgeon caged in his apartment, delusionally claiming that if he just had an investor, or if people would just listen, he’d save the world).

      As a designer I’m knocked off all the time, to which I smile and move on.

      If you’ve got a discovery that could save the world, you’d be criminal to go the venture-capital route, filing patents and licensing, hoping to cash out on the IPO. Same with medical research.

      Imagine if Tim Berners-Lee demanded a fee for his HTTP invention, and yet look how powerful all these websites are because of his selfless contribution, or if Fleming had held out his discovery of Penicillin till he could sell it to Big Pharma. Who knows how many cancer cures are being bottled up by big business so they can keep selling platinum-based chemo drugs…

      Anyway, good luck with this, some of that stuff in your articles is way over any lay-persons head (especially mine!), and would take a professor of nuclear physics like Michio Kaku to even decipher, let alone prove or disprove. I suggest you take all this over to him, get his honest take on it, he’s about the sharpest mind around, an amazing activist for decades, and an approachable professor to boot.

      Michio Kaku would be able to give you the ‘Unified Theory Cosmological Constant’ on all these ideas, if there’s one to be had. Let us know…

      • Thx for commenting.

        Regarding France and LENR, there is a company there selling a complete laboratory kit for reproducing the basic experiment; it is the first commercialization of cold fusion (lol but it is over $200k so we won’t be doing it at home 😉 . I dunno about the Toyoda episode, but in over 120 labs around the world (but not in the US) it has been found to be both working as claimed, and producing large amounts of excess heat (“overunity”). It also transmutes elements…. And radioactive material in close proximity to the Palladium electrodes have been shown to lose most of their radioactivity in a short time. Since the 1950’s, microbiologists have theorized that cold fusion is happening in living cells; and this has quietly become mainstream scientific thinking. Meanwhile, the US government continues to spend billions on “hot fusion” reactor projects which for over 56 years have been utter failures.

        Let me share some stuff on compressed air vehicles (which is an upcoming article). The many systems that are out there now, of which Guy Negre and MDI are the world leaders, are real working road-worthy vehicles. They can run at up to 70 MPH or more, and have a range of 200 miles or longer (the range is dependent on two things: The tanks 😉 Meaning that a heftier, more expensive tank can be compressed to a higher pressure, and of course it can be bigger or use axillary tanks to go farther.

        Tata Motors in India is right now MASS PRODUCING their version of the MDI/Negre system. http://www.mdi.lu/english/ http://trak.in/tags/business/2008/07/01/tata-motors-air-car-minicat/

        Using compressed air for vehicles is not a new idea… In the 1880’s, train locomotives appeared using the technology for inside of mines and for inner city subways (so the dirty smoke was avoided). Cars converted for compressed air first appeared in the 1920’s . The latest developments in this relate to self-compressing the air as he vehicle runs… Making it self-perpetuating to a degree. There are several methods for this, and one very innovative feature is using a novel and very clever valve that allows low pressure air to be added to a high pressure tank.

        As for the magnet-based motors; the designs vary greatly and the Christie one that you mention is not just magnets, it also has pulsing coils carefully timed which reduce the effects of Lenz’ Law. As for whether it works or not; and why it hasnt hit the market, is a good question 😉 They appear to be embroiled in some infringement suits for prior arts: This as you probably know from you family’s experience, can be a black labyrinth.

        Right now, there are simple and fairly cheap experiments that prove a magnetic motor can be made practicable, using a CD with small magnets glued around it’s periphery and a center bearing, and using your hand to wave a small magnet near the edge of the disk: It will begin spinning, and a small in-and-out hand-motion will keep it spinning (the “out” motion avoids the “sticking spot” often found on simple designs). The key of course is to do it without the hand, and many designs have… But most of them are actually more “Hybrid” motors that used pulsed control coils. Newman’s “energy machine” is one such system, in over 40 years no one has proved it doesn’t work. Robert Adam’s and Howard Johnson’s systems also worked. Again why they were never marketed… Is the real question and reason for this poll. Something very interesting came up last year, this Shineyon “Magforce” system in Korea claims 400 horsepower http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Shinyeon_Energy_Research_Center .

        I am gladdened that you would appear to agree with me about the need for Open Source. We believe this is the way around most problems associated with getting controversial devices to market. And is also the way to get these devices independently verified. It also acts as an automatic filter: No fraud is gong to put up their device for replication; and if they are honestly deluded, the very talented Open Source engineers all around the world will soon find out 😉 But this method of back-yard tinkering on shoe-string budgets is slow… We still need the increased University study to move these devices into the next stages and get them to market.

        • I’m definitely in the wrong business, gotta look into selling $200k cold fusion kits…

          It seems there’s a bunch of air-powered concept cars at the shows, and a rash of new news coverage, like popular mechanics (of 911 debunking fame). But who knows, it could actually come to market, with all this hype (I like the French ‘Airpod’).

          Air-cars everywhere, but not a single one for sale… Perhaps because it’s actually impossible? The potential energy of air… I have tanks of compressed oxygen, so compressed it’s liquid (and not at all cheap). It’s great for burning acetylene at higher temps, but running a cylinder engine on the pressure of even a tank of liquid oxygen? Hard to imagine… Leave it on a little, or have a small leak in a fitting, and it drains down overnight. But let it out at the volume required to actually power a piston—it would probably freeze any humidity, the whole engine would freeze, then shatter, any oil would coagulate, and you’d need a tank the size of a water tower! But then I know literally nothing…

          Those vehicles look so light, we should instead try hooking up a set of cranks, gears and pedals, and make a HPV out of them ~

          They’re all promising something ‘later this year’. While I won’t hold my breath per the promised magnetic motor, I’ll look forward to my pneumatic Vespa.

          Meanwhile, I’ll keep on truckin’ with my favorite ‘free energy’ transportation scheme: Walking.

  3. Polls are about opinions, energy production is engineering and science.

    The cure for skepticism is facts. If patents are shelved, let’s see the patents, they are public. Also they expire, and revert to the public domain.

    I have a small torch, called a ‘water torch’, it dissociates distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen. You have to plug it in, and it uses lots of power, and has an electrolyte that is not something to try at home… (apparently it can explode). It cost more than an oil furnace and produces only a tiny, hot flame.

    Meanwhile we do have ‘free energy’ in the name of falling water, which people have been using for mechanical and electrical energy forever, as well as solar and wind. Indeed there were conspiracies which shelved research for those things, and we’re very far behind where we would have been had the research started in the 70’s been pursued.

    There is another form of ‘free energy’, called conservation. As a result of the oil crunch in the 70’s we had all these great building methods developed utilizing passive solar, masonry heat-sinks, the math was all worked out, the esthetics were amazing (see Ted Benson’s early books on Timber Framing and Stress-skin panel SIP enclosures).

    We also had the technology to get 80 MPG in cars, we had a very decent electric car, and as RFK Jr. pointed out, had we adopted even a 40 MPG rule, we’d have been off of foreign oil decades ago.

    The reasons for abandoning all these things are indeed corporate greed conspiracies, and we now suffer the cost.

    But as for all these other ideas, you need peer-reviewed papers, otherwise it’s just another cold fusion. I don’t believe any of those video-infomercials about magnetic perpetual-motion motors, they look like scams to get bogus capital from gullible investors.

    Make a perpetual motion machine, put it into production, and prove to the market that it works.

    Implausible-sounding things indeed can yield massive amounts of energy, who woulda thought that burning hydrogen was about the most inefficient way to unlock it’s energy, when you can have a hydrogen bomb or the sun?

    But those things were proven in mathematical theory, then in labs, demonstrated in practice, and ultimately used to make energy. Implausible as they sounded, the truly smart people knew that fission was possible, and would yield massive energy, because the math and the science held up.

    People buy slap-chops and snuggies, if you produced a legitimate in-home energy machine that works, no conspiracy could keep it down, it would be on QVC, and you’d be Thomas Edison.

    But until then, look into bona-fide, proven free energy, starting with super-insulation and passive solar, and you’d be amazed how much energy is already around us, free for the taking.

  4. Thanks to all who participate in the poll, and many thanks to Dandelion Salad for having it!

    All opinions are welcome, including skeptics. We are looking for a baseline here, on a subject very rarely polled on. So even if you vote “Don’t know” it is useful info.

    And of course, please comment as well 😉

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