Why are US bases in Korea?

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7 thoughts on “Why are US bases in Korea?

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  3. Until South Korea and U.S ,as part of U.N Forces should agree to a peace treaty with N.Korea, or declare a renunciation of war all together at once, they are at war since June 1950 till now this moment without combat though.

    This is a reason why U.S. needs bases in S. Korea. I reckon. Stop the war is not enough . Go to peace or declare eternal renunciation of war, like Japan.

  4. Why are there so heavily equipped U.S. Forces in Okinawa and main land Japan ?

    Part of It’s Forces getting ready to leave Okinawa by 2014. But still U.S. Forces are in Okinawa and main land Japan.

    Cold war has ended last century. Japan is far from both Iraq and Afganistan.

    U.S. Air Force and Navy, they are not nature of defense but offense purpose. For we find no attacking powers
    near around us.

    Japanese Self Defense Force is recognized as for defense purpose only. It’s existence is based on Japanese pacifist Constitution, particularly on Article 9,
    renunciation of war.

    Please study the meaning of U.S. Forces in Japan ,particularly Air Force.

    Air Force

  5. But I still don’t get why we have a military base in Korea. There’s still no explanation.

    Asia is of no consequence to the homeland of the USA. If North Korea didn’t like their beloved lunatic demagogue, they would oust him.

    If S. Korea was under threat of another Korean war, good luck to them, may the best militaristic Korean maniac win control over their miserable peninsula (My suggestion, maybe a little less pepper in the kim chee, and banning grilled dog for dinner would allow cooler minds to prevail).

    This is China’s and Asia’s regional issue. What the heck do we have military vessels floating around their waters for anyway? If people who live there have a problem with their governments, they are VERY good at rising up and revolting if they are unhappy, and will do so for centuries if needed.

    The insane history of western meddling in Asia is so ‘last century’.

    Did ANY western meddling in Asia help Asia? Did French and Dutch colonialism help Indochina? Did US carpet bombing of Cambodia help Cambodia? Did Brzcinski’s support of Pol Pot help Cambodia? Did the Vietnam War help the Vietnamese? Did the Opium Wars help China? Did Britain’s partition of India help the region, or did it result in the potential nuclear suicide of both India & Pakistan, with a little Sri lankan Suicide sauce on the side?, and what of the endless disaster in neighboring Afghanistan? Did the Korean War achieve anything at all, and is not the deranged split-personality of the Korean condition a result of foreign pressures? Did it help East Timor that the USA supported Suharto, and armed him in his genocide? Was it really necessary to nuke Japan? What the hell was the USA doing colonializing Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines?

    Occupation of Asia by western imperialistic forces has been a 400 year disaster.

    Lo-fang whitey needs to go home, and stop dictating terms to Asian countries. Tibetans have been fighting a relentless war against outsiders for centuries, they will ultimately prevail. The Chinese can deal with their own trajectory just fine, and definitely don’t appreciate our ungratefulness for their generosity in purchasing debt and doing all the legwork for our consumeristic addictions. If the people of China choose to reject their system, will do so just fine, and no number of tanks will stop it.

    If Americans have a problem with human rights? They should look at their own actions, their war crimes, their manipulations of Latin America and the Caribbean, resulting in the torture and suppression and ‘los desaparecidos’ (civilians thrown from planes, tortured, raped, murdered by US supported goons because they had a different opinion than dictatorship), their demonization of islam and destruction of Iraq with a million dead, and their support of Zionist atrocities.

    So, once again, exactly WHY does the USA have a base in Korea?

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