The Daily Show: Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer Unedited Interview

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The Daily Show

Jim Cramer criticizes Rick Santelli’s rant and admits he made his own mistakes, in this exclusive, uncensored video.—jim-cramer-extended-interview-pt–1




The Daily Show: In Cramer We Trust

March 9, 2009

Jim Cramer didn’t recommend buying Bear Stearns stock a week before it collapsed — he did it five days earlier.


There’s nothing unique about Jim Cramer

Glenn Greenwald
Friday March 13, 2009 08:09 EDT

Jon Stewart is being widely celebrated today and Jim Cramer/CNBC widely mocked — both rightfully so — for Stewart’s devastatingly adversarial interview of Cramer (who, just by the way, is a Marty Peretz creation). If you haven’t yet seen the interview, you can and should watch it here; if you watch only one segment, watch the middle one and the beginning of the third.

Stewart focuses on the role Cramer and CNBC played in mindlessly disseminating and uncritically amplifying the false claims from the CEOs and banks which spawned the financial crisis with their blatantly untoward and often illegal practices. Here is the crux of Stewart’s critique of Cramer/CNBC:


That’s the heart of the (completely justifiable) attack on Cramer and CNBC by Stewart.  They would continuously put scheming CEOs on their shows, conduct completely uncritical “interviews” and allow them to spout wholesale falsehoods.  And now that they’re being called upon to explain why they did this, their excuse is:  Well, we were lied to.  What could we have done? And the obvious answer, which Stewart repeatedly expressed, is that people who claim to be “reporters” are obligated not only to provide a forum for powerful people to make claims, but also to then investigate those claims and then to inform the public if the claims are true. That’s about as basic as it gets.


via There’s nothing unique about Jim Cramer – Glenn Greenwald –




We need CNBC to practice responsible journalism. Will you please take a few moments to sign this open letter to CNBC?

via Fix CNBC! Jon Stewart made the case; now demand they hold Wall Street accountable.


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7 thoughts on “The Daily Show: Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer Unedited Interview

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  3. Conservatives seemed to have a bee in their bonnet over this:

    Dobbs apparently told Cramer not to go on Stewart and is taking a poll whether he was right, NBC is mandating nobody on MSNBC mention it (is Maddow gonna sit still for that?) and here’s the white men of morning claiming Stewart is an ideologue, editing and clipping ‘mistakes’ for laughs:


    Point is, Stewart EXPOSED Cramer manipulating the market for profit, as an example of insider fraud that caused the collapse for which we all pay.

    How is that ‘cherry picking’ ‘mistakes’?? It’s FRAUD! Cramer knows this, and admits it, claims it’s legal, but also admits indictments are inevitable.

    Let us not forget that GE owns NBC. Their own stock is somewhere sinking in the PCB laden muck they efluviated into the Hudson (and refuse to clean up), not coming back any time soon.

    When the same slime who cause the problems, also control the media who’s supposed to report those problems, and then it’s reported that they actually issue executives orders to their reporters to clam up about it??

    Sound’s like the SEC isn’t the only oversight that needs to be reformed. How’s about some restrictions on who gets to own media, how many they get to own (Murdoch?), and what effect their personal ideology and corporate allegiances should have over the facts disseminated as ‘news’.

  4. I saw this last night, brilliant.
    Gratifying to see Stewart totally dismember this cramer shock-jock for the stock market, and he rolled tape of Cramer admitting to manipulating market sentiment with false rumors before short-selling! (Legal??).

    Moral of the story: Equities, and the people who, issue, trade and rate them, and those who manage funds and portfolios, are criminals to their core.

    The market selects for manic, selfish sociopaths. No normal working individual should have anything to do with stocks, it’s all a sham and a fraud, having little to do with the underlying companies and their products.

    Best to make things, not investments in paper, if making money is what you’re fixated on. Maybe someday commerce will come back, but whatever the stock market does, stay away!

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