Lou Dobbs interviews Dennis Kucinich 03/12/09

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Lou Dobbs interviews Dennis Kucinich 03/12/09



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3 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs interviews Dennis Kucinich 03/12/09

  1. True conservatives like Dobbs, Ron Paul and myself respect Dennis Kucinich, despite disagreeing with much of his policy. At least he doesn’t try to squirm and lie about who he is and what he represents.

    By the way, Goldwater is not an extremist, nor is Ron Paul, unless you consider following the Constitution “extreme.”

  2. Glad to see conservatives finding common voice with Dennis and his efforts on our behalf.

    Perhaps there is an opportunity for common cause, and we can lure the ‘conservatives’ away from their fanatical, evangelical, militaristic factions, and back to… well I’m not exactly what progress they stand for, even if you suffer through old Buckley malarkey, it’s a whole list of bad ideas that backfired big-time…

    But then one is never quite sure what strain of conservative Lou Dobbs is… but I’m glad he appreciates Dennis, and that FOX continues to as well.

    Perhaps conservatives will come to their senses about this Goldwater anti-government extremism. No ‘hands off’ if they’re robbing us blind!

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