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on Mar 12, 2009

The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.

We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.

Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.

Watch the Obama Deception and learn how:

– Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law.

– Obama’s handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force.

– International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government.

– Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government.

– The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Topics covered and/or people: New World Order, Economic Collapse, John F. Kennedy, Military Industrial Complex, North American Union (NAU), The Bilderberg Group, Daniel Estulin, Professor Grigg (Public Enemy), Alex Jones, Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, Timothy Geithner, The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Paul Volker, Dennis Blair, James Steinberg, Robert Gates, Richard Haass, Richard C. Holbrook, Shadow Government, Iraq, NAFTA, GATT, NATO, Domestic Spying, Telecom Immunity, Rendition, Secret Prisons, Gitmo, Torture, Patriot Act, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Derivatives, World Bank, IMF, Glass-Steagall Act, Gerald Celente, Martial Law, Globalization, Taxes, Cap and Trade, Climate Change, Global Warming, FEMA, H.R. 645, Fascism, Civilian National Security Force, Rahm Emanuel, Gun Control, No-Fly List, Homeland Security,  1st Amendment, Healthcare, Military Troops, Africa, AFRICOM, Al Qaeda, World Trade Organization (WTO), Wars, Al Gore, 10th Amendment, Webster G. Tarpley.


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17 thoughts on “The Obama Deception

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    • Doesn’t it leave you suspicious that Glen Beck is now spouting the FEMA trailer conspiracy? Why is it the right wing, the FOX nuts who come up with this fearmongering? This is not progressive, it’s paranoid.

      There’s always been a fascist impulse in US government, authoritarian control is never far off, and the people seem comforted by it.

      I for one am no less alarmed by them as I am by those claiming we all need to buy AK-47’s, arm to the teeth, and believe everything by Alex Jones.

  3. After viewing the film I agreed with the friends I watched it with that it is Alex’s best yet. One friend that traditionally thought Alex was over the top is now a big fan of his. Thank you for posting this valuable documentary for humanity at Dandelion Salad!

    • Thanks, Jacob, appreciate your comment.

      I strongly feel that the readers at Dandelion Salad can take what they want from various posts/videos and think for themselves, do more research, etc.

  4. I can shorten all that in my previous comment to the first sentence:

    Without watching it all again, I believe Jones urges us to question everything, do your own research, believe nobody. I imagine this applies even to him.

  5. Are those “dubious conclusions” kind of like when he said years ago that there would be a stock market crash and the housing bubble would pop and that out of it there would be world bank proposed that would regulate all the world’s currencies?

    Or are the “dubious conclusions” like when he got on air weeks before 9/11 and said the government was prepping the people through the media for a false-flag attack on the twin towers that would be blamed on the CIA asset bin Laden?

    The truth is ugly and scary I suppose, but Alex Jones speaks the truth.

    • Without watching it all again, I believe Jones urges us to question everything, do your own research, believe nobody. I imagine this applies even to him.

      International banking is clearly a conspiracy, power corrupts, money is power, follow the money indeed.

      He has a point that Obama populated his cabinet with wallstreeters, and fleeces the nation with bailouts. Botchco had a thing for oilmen (and women), and fleeced the nation with oil-wars.

      But a shadow group of Bilderberg Banksters pulling strings of world dominion, with Obama as puppet? Perhaps… But more likely dubious. And impractical. And a bit too paranoid. We had a similar conspiracy scare with the Neocons and their PNAC, which the conservatives of this land still love. PNAC? NWO? Hello?

      Nevertheless, the people have the choice. Instead of looking to the Banksters, look at your nation, and its dimwitted masses of drooling deliverance-dwelling disease. If they act en-masse, praying to their god of greed, refusing to hold their elected leaders accountable, it’s their fault when the engineers of international finance fleece them to smithereens.

      The people then deserve to be robbed of their ill-gotten american gains, which they usurped at the expense and health of the oppressed third world who has lived on a dollar-a-day all this time.

      Similarly, if they believed Botchco, and marched off to war-crime hell, and believed what they were doing was justified or legal, who do you blame? Were they hypnotized by Cheney? No, they CHOSE this. They voted for it, they believed, and they deserve. Who doesn’t deserve, are the victims of our culture of greed, god & guns.

      Once an entire nation heiled Hitler, and obeyed Stalin, but it doesn’t last forever, you can’t control the whole world. Empires inevitably fall, colonialism fails and infects the oppressor, the people get what they ask for, exactly as they deserve. This too shall pass.

      But Jones is really a little crazy, and he’s only another gun-mongering book-selling Texan religious cult-leader if you make him one.

      Take the valuable parts of his work to the limits of tolerance, then take the rest of what he says with a few handfuls of salt, he’s not Nostradamus. And nobody is regulating all the world currencies, the US through their bizarre quasi-private Fed just single-handedly devalued their own currency with one $trillion fell-swoop a few days ago, and China couldn’t do a thing about it.

  6. i only clicked on this link because i hoped someone who typed faster would be shredding alex jones for me. why are you posting his hyperbolic garbage?

  7. This is an excellent film, and everything is fully documented.

    Sorry Obama fans, but the thrill ride is over. Obama is just as bad as Bush. Time to wake up so we can unite and start the 2nd American revolution.

    • How do you know everything is ‘fully documented’?
      How do you know Jones isn’t tilting at windmills, using plausible evidence to sucker the intellect to construct an over-the-top conspiracy fantasy?

      Banking is not the first well-connected cartel we’ve seen, huge as it is.

      Jones apparently wants us all to arm to the teeth, build a bunker to hide our gold and canned goods, and join a militia to fend off FEMA, all because of some myth about these Bilderbergers secretly running the world by remote control. It’s maddening. We really do have troubles in politics and society and ideology, but this conspiracy, as he’s describing it, is absurd.

      It would take more than 100 people and a meeting once a year to subjugate the world.

      If you follow his mania and buy his books, and worship his gun-mongering ultra-rightist far-gone conspiracies, you’d be unable to activate and process the real information, instead seeing all through a lense of the secret NWO which plans to enslave us all in FEMA concentration camps.

      Should all that come to pass, you don’t stand a chance, nor does the government in trying to subjugate you by mass force. It would be an endless, horrible stalemate, and ultimately the government would lose.

      This isn’t a small Latin American country, nor is it Cambodia nor North Korea, it can’t work here, they can’t even control a state-sized country, and lost in Vietnam after decades. The Russians had a popular revolution and bought into Stalinism, we had ours centuries ago, and if there’s one thing the red-stated masses of gun-wielding ghouls believe in, it’s liberty, and they’d love nothing more than to fight to the death purely out of nostalgia.

      But what you can do here, apparrently, is control popular opinion by fear. What else can a selfish society trained to look to their own at the expense of everything else do but be afraid of losing their ill-gotten gains?

      Jones is no fool, but he’s a fearmonger. Cheney is a fearmonger, from the other end of the right wing. They still spread these kind of rumors about the jews, the ‘elders of zion’ and whatnot, this is classic conspiracy madness.

      Don’t buy into fearmongers, and don’t buy into Jones (and apparrently ‘buy’ is what he apparrently wants you to do most, starting with his books).

      If people don’t like big banksters, they can start by refusing to work with them, refusing their loans, refusing their financial services, and regulating them to smithereens (which is coming, they won’t be tolerate in their present form, there is palpable global outrage, and dollar hegemony is at risk). It’s the people who gave the banks their money & power, not the banks who took it.

      All this worry over global currency and a highway to Canada is Lou Dobbs xenophobic mania, ultra-nationalistic hyperbolic patriotism.

      Who needs US sovereignty? Let the silly nationalists suffer in their bunkers with their bullion, and abolish borders on continents. Let them rot in their paranoid caves.

      Jones is an ultra-rightist nationalist, a Lyndon Larouche-style cultist propagandist one step away from Jonestown and Manson, and all this paranoia about NWO, TLC, Bohemian Grove, Knights Templar, and the jew controlling the world from his bank, it’s all paranoia. I’d sooner believe in Bigfoot!

      So what if rich people meet in exclusive clubs– they’ve been doing that ever since rich and influential people started being rich with the rise of the aristocracy. That cast of characters is not likely to form any all-conspiring consensus, read the list. This is not going to be the next Nazi party.

      People need to think for themselves. Jones is not the only one complaining about the evidence regarding 911, just the loudest. One doesn appreciate his anti-war stance, but it doesn’t take a prophet to be anti-war (except, apparrently, in Texas).

      The FIRST thing to do when presented with a preacher who says he’s telling the ‘truth’, is to QUESTION AUTHORITY.

  8. This is a classic.
    Not since the Matrix has so much hubris, history and horror been whipped up into a compelling sci-fi action thriller guaranteed to tug at the minds of young men.
    With a hip-hop soundtrack by KRS 1, and a narrator befitting Bladerunner…. a comic book revolutionary, just what we need.
    Good work.

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