US facing home-grown Islamic terror threat

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15 March, 2009  /4987199/US-facing-home-grown-Islamic-terror-threat.html

excerpt from: US facing home-grown Islamic terror threat

The United States is facing what has been described as its “most serious instance of domestic terrorism” to date, the FBI has warned.

by Alex Spillius, Daily Telegraph, 14 March 2009

Officials say a second generation of Somali immigrants is becoming increasingly radicalised and could pose a growing threat to security.The warnings come amid the revelation that 20 young Somali American men who returned to their war-torn homeland have been radicalised by a group linked to al-Qaeda.

The FBI is urgently examining links between the youths, who are all American citizens, and al-Shabaab, an Islamist group fighting in the country’s long-running conflict.


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Somali radicals ‘importing terror to UK’ say intelligence analysts

by Jonathan Rugman, Times, 16 February 2009

Dozens of Islamic extremists have returned to Britain from terror training camps in Somalia, the British security services believe.

Intelligence analysts are worried that they may attempt to launch attacks in this country or use the kudos from having trained and fought in Somalia to try to attract new recruits. The issue was raised by Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, in his first interview last month.

In the US, the outgoing head of the CIA, Michael Hayden, has said that Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia in late 2006 “catalysed” expatriate Somalis around the world.

An investigation for Channel 4 News, to be broadcast tonight, also reveals that a suicide bomber who grew up in Ealing is thought to have blown himself up in an attack in Somalia that killed more than 20 soldiers.

The incident is the first reported case involving a Somali based in Britain and will add to pressure on Scotland Yard and the Home Office to tackle the problem within the Somali community, which, at about 250,000 people, is the biggest in Europe.

“Pakistan rightly gets the most attention in terms of external threats,” a senior counter-terrorism source said. “But we believe we should focus more on the Horn of Africa and Somalia in particular.”

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