Charles Freeman: Israeli Lobby Has A Hammer Lock On Discussion & Policy

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March 15, 2009 CNN

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The Tactics Of the Israel Lobby By Charles Freeman

AIPAC – Israel Lobby

6 thoughts on “Charles Freeman: Israeli Lobby Has A Hammer Lock On Discussion & Policy

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  5. That’s because they have a hammer lock on the White House.

    Obama paid a high price to the Clintons and the DLC for the nomination.

    But the price the country will pay for a Clinton corporate establishment/military industry/Wall Street/Israeli Lobby cabinet will be a lot higher.

  6. “Isreali’s[not Jewish people] Lobby” is surely sensitive.
    Can’t discus particular policies w/o being crittcized, chastised, and categorized as being anti-?.
    Shhh….don’t want to make any Peace !
    War is profitable, bloody[someone else’s kid], but profitable!

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