The US Is Facing a Weimar Moment By Robert Freeman

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By Robert Freeman
March 16, 2009 “Commondreams

In early 1919, Germany put in place a new government to begin rebuilding the country after its crushing defeat in World War I. But the right-wing forces that had led the country into the War and lost the War conspired even before it was over to destroy the new government, the “Weimar Republic.” They succeeded.

The U.S. faces a similar “Weimar Moment.” The devastating collapse of the economy after eight years of Republican rule has left the leadership, policies, and ideology of the right utterly discredited. But, as was the case with Germany in 1919, Republicans do not intend to allow the new government to succeed. They will do everything they can to undermine it. If they are successful, the U.S. may yet go the way of Weimar Germany.


Thanks to Republican policies of massive debt and shipping jobs abroad, the U.S. has technically become a colony of China. It exports raw materials and imports finished goods, together with the capital to make up the difference. Should the Chinese decide not to lend the trillions of dollars the U.S. is begging for, the U.S. economy will implode, plummeting onto itself in a World Trade Center-like collapse that will leave dust clouds circling the planet for decades.

Notwithstanding the destruction inflicted on the economy by Republican policies, the most devastating breakdown is in the intellectual foundation on which right wing economic ideology itself is premised. Free market doctrine, the secular religion of right-wing America, is in utter, irretrievable shambles.


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  2. Check your Representatives bank accounts[not IRS filings appearently] and you’ll know they are not spineless, they approved the need of greed.
    They went to Washington to change Washington, but Washington changed them.
    They do not get on comittee’s unless they play ball, then recieve for their efforts board positions, that Multi-Mollion dollar Contract[which we dare not speak of contract Law], and how could one be forced into submission/slavery.
    Do not Worship any false Idols, Love the Lord thy God.

  3. To totally blame the failure of the economy on the Repugnacans is disingenious . They may have started the ball rolling, but they could not have done what they did without the conievance of the spineless sold-out unethical Dumbcrats.

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