Turkey Hosts NATO military exercise (13-30 March)

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16 March, 2009

1) Egemen 2009 NATO military exercises (*)

2) Taurus Navy Task Force sets sail



excerpt from: Egemen 2009

Bosphorus Naval News, 15 March 2009

This week a multinational military exercise called Egemen-2009, will start in Turkey.

There is absolutely nothing on the Turkish news and defence portals about this exercise and about the participants except the fact that this exercise will happen. Therefore it is very difficult to determine the exact order of battle.

Among the participants are Taurus 2009 task force of Royal Navy, undisclosed Dutch, French and US warships.

10 of these warships, 5 Dutch, 4 US and 1 British, are in Aksaz Naval Base in Marmaris. HMS Bulwark is in town of Marmaris. HMS Ocean and RFA Mounts Bay are in Kusadasi. […]


from the archives:


excerpts from: Taurus Navy Task Force sets sail

UK Ministry of Defence website, 18 February 2009

The Taurus deployment […] aims to maintain the Royal Navy’s fighting capability as well as develop the UK’s capacity to operate with key partners and allies from NATO countries and other nations to enhance interoperability.

It will also demonstrate the UK’s commitment to the stability and security of the Mediterranean, Middle East and South East Asia. […]

The Taurus deployment will be split into two phases. Phase One will involve amphibious training with nations in the Mediterranean, culminating in a series of amphibious landings in Turkey as part of Exercise Egemen – a joint and combined exercise. […]


(*) According to the website of the Turkish General Staff, Egemen 2009 military exercises occur from March 13 to 30.


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