Pakistan: “The Most Dangerous Country” (Full Video)

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The war in Afghanistan and its potentially catastrophic impact on Pakistan are complex and dangerous issues, which further make the case why our country needs a national debate on this now starting with congressional oversight hearings.

Sign the petition to help make hearings a critical first step and then send this video to all of your friends and family. Imagine someone like Andrew Bacevich having the ear of Congress as he explains the perils of war. Now imagine a national dialogue filled with rational, thoughtful discussions on the issues surrounding Afghanistan. That is our goal.

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Robert Greenwald will soon travel to Afghanistan to interview some of the country’s elected leaders, experts, bloggers, people, and organizations who could help us provide a more complete Afghan perspective, and would love to have your thoughts and questions to take with him. Please submit them on the Rethink Afghanistan website, and then sign up to follow updates from this journey.

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3 thoughts on “Pakistan: “The Most Dangerous Country” (Full Video)

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  3. What is the matter with all of the interviewees? The instability arises from the occupation, not from Pakistan or from the Taliban.

    There seems to be an overarching fear mongering about Pakistan’s nuclear deterent. This can only be seen as furthering the cause of Western interventionism. What is this video supposed to represent? The new Obama case for ever expanding wars? Are we “rethinking” the rationale?

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