Phyllis Bennis: Israeli troops admit abuses in Gaza

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Bennis: Israeli soldiers come forward saying they had no restrictions rules of engagement


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6 thoughts on “Phyllis Bennis: Israeli troops admit abuses in Gaza

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  5. When news of unspeakable atrocities against civilians get leaked to the press of the country, the same country from which these soldiers come, the free, democratic world, which boasts of its rejection and abhorrence of any barbaric acts against innocent civilians, is supposed to stand, stand united in its opposition and put this country, any country, on notice that it won’t tolerate such unacceptable behavior; and this front should be led by the leader of the free world, the US, which champions such causes, EXCEPT, of course, when this country is Israel. I’m speaking of the reports of the meetings held, at Rabin’s military academy, by Israeli Defense Forces veterans who took part in the Israeli’s last offensive into Gaza. They came out and spoke, or more like confessed, of the horrendous acts of indiscriminate killings, intentional killings, by Israeli soldiers of children, women and old unarmed Palestinians. How the rabbis in the Israeli army told battlefield troops in January’s Gaza offensive that they were fighting a “religious war” against gentiles. That, and I quote the Israeli officer “Their message was very clear: We are the Jewish people, we came to this land by a miracle, God brought us back to this land and now we need to fight to expel the gentiles who are interfering with our conquest of this holy land”. The account was published by the Israeli daily Maariv and Haaretz newspaper. ( “Shooting and Crying, 2009”). The Director of the Academy confirmed the authenticity of these accounts. That assault resulted in the killing of 1,417 Palestinians, most of whom were civilians, and a large portion of those were children. A booklet, distributed to Israeli soldiers fighting in Gaza, which quoted an ultra-nationalist Israeli rabbi as saying that showing mercy towards a “cruel enemy” was terribly immoral. Some Israeli soldiers were photographed wearing t-shirts, said to be popular among the elite forces, with the picture of a pregnant Palestinian woman’s belly as a target in a sniper’s scope, which said underneath it: “one bullet, two kills”. Now I want to know how can anyone, among our politicians in Washington, with such outrageous, undisputed public accounts like these, with any shred of decency and morality, left in them, stand, defend and support Israel’s supposed rights, morally-bankrupt policies and criminal activities. The double standards we apply and practice in choosing whom we call immoral, criminal, terrorist etc. is so shameful and naked in its credibility that when I hear our phoney, bought-and sold, hypocritical politicians and congressmen stand and lecture us and the world on human rights violations in other countries in the world, it turns my stomach in disgust. Isn’t, supposedly, you phonies, right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of the perpetrators? I guess not, according to you that is. With our blind support of Israel, the world’s last colonizing and immoral power, we have no right to lecture anyone on morality, ethics and human rights, as we have proven over and over to be ourselves major violators of human rights and supporters of aggression and barbarism. We lost the moral high ground long ago, and to reclaim any part of it, we need some serious, long-overdue soul-searching and major adjustments to our stands and attitudes in the world. We need compassionate heart, in place of the hypocritical one we brag about; we need true, morality-based, undiscriminating courage, in place of the one we lost and sacrificed for trivial, political and immoral gains!

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