Anti-war protests hit Washington + March on the Pentagon Rally

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Hundreds of anti-war protesters from across the United States are rallying in Washington to mark the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq.


March on the Pentagon Rally


Here are few scenes from the “March on the Pentagon” rally held on Saturday, March 21, 2009, in Washington, D.C. After listening to some speakers, the huge, and colorful, demonstration moved from its base camp just south of the Lincoln Memorial, across the Memorial Bridge, which spans the Potomac River, into Northern Virginia. On the Virginia side, it crossed east towards the Pentagon and then beyond it to other sites, housing the “Merchants of War-Making.” They have been raking in billions of dollars in profits off U.S. wars and occupations. See, Nick Turse’s “The Complex: How the Military Invades our Everyday Lives.” For background on the very spirited Pentagon-related protest, and on any updates on it, check out:… This video covers the demonstration only up and until it crossed on to the Memorial Bridge.


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4 thoughts on “Anti-war protests hit Washington + March on the Pentagon Rally

  1. Although I am pleased to see that there was a protest against the inexcusable War in Iraq, in Washington on Saturday March 21, 2009, by hundreds of participants I am confused by the short supply of those who attended. Perhaps my coming from the 60’s anti-war protests against Vietnam, which were frequent and attended in the thousands, and covered extensively by the media, gives me this measurement of comparison, but trust me when I tell you that the small numbers of protesters is nothing less than alarming.

    It would leave one to believe that those who rally for peace and an end to war are only a handful of radicals who are living on the outer fringes of society, and that these protesters of war are a minority. I believe that the reality of the consensus of those who want Peace, if known might be astonishing, as well as a powerful force to send a clear message to Washington D.C. that we who abhor war are equal to, or in excess of those who support war efforts.

    One way or the other we must unite and put forward a real voice for change, lest the misnomer that we barely exist continue, and the war mongering remains to be seen as an accepted form of spreading democracy & freedom, protecting America, and, or that a patriotic duty involves violence of any kind.

    We must do better and we must overcome this overflow from the past eight years of suppression.

  2. War is profitable for a few, and oppressive poverty for many.
    FBI investigate the Fraud, DOJ investigate the Fraud.
    Citizens demand the Fraud be ended, and the de-frauder’s imprisoned.
    “We hang together, or we hang alone”
    Strike Back run the banks 4-15-09, ruin their plan.

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