Bennis: What is withdrawing ‘responsibly’ from Iraq?

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What is withdrawing ‘responsibly’ from Iraq?

Bennis: Obama has to change the mindset that leads to war, US cannot dictate Iraq’s future

The Real News spoke to author Phyllis Bennis to discuss the conflicting views of how the U.S can withdraw from Iraq in a responsible manner.

With many people speculating about the U.S. strategic relationship with the Iraqi people and it’s government, Bennis suggests that the only relationship that exists is with the U.S. backed government in Iraq, “I think there’s no question that the U.S. military occupation forces have a strategic relationship with the government in Iraq. The government in Iraq is fundamentally dependent on the presence of the U.S. military.” Although the strategic relationship with the current Iraq government is strong, Bennis is not so confident in the strength of this relationship with Iraqi civilians, stating “all the polls indicate a higher and higher and higher level every year of opposition to U.S. presence.”

With Obama making withdrawal promises Bennis is somewhat skeptical as to his real intentions, “I think that the Obama administration has a commitment to a major reduction in the size of the occupation. I am less than convinced that there is a real commitment to a real withdrawal.”

When asked how she would define leaving Iraq responsibly, Bennis responded “It means ending the military occupation immediately, as fast as possible. It took six months to get in, it should take less than that to get out. That means a real withdraw, all the troops….shut all the U.S. military bases, turn them back over to the Iraqi’s and stop all claims on Iraqi oil. That’s what it means to withdraw.”


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