British hotels put on alert over Mumbai-style terror attack

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23 March, 2009

1) Hotels put on alert over Mumbai-style terror attack
2) British Interior Minister: UK hotels on high terror alert (January 2009)


excerpt from: Hotels put on alert over Mumbai-style terror attack (*)

British luxury hotels are vulnerable to Mumbai-style attacks, senior anti-terrorist officers are warning, ahead of a major relaunch of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy next week.

by Christopher Hope, Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2009

Security services officials are also judging the threat against the UK to be at the “severe end of severe”, just days before the G20 summit in London is due to begin.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that senior counter-terrorism officers are highly concerned about the possibility of attacks by terrorists using automatic weapons on major hotels and other public buildings.

This marks a change in the challenge posed to the security services, which have previously focused on preventing bombings.

(*) title of the print version


from the archives:

excerpt from: UK hotels on high terror alert

by Graeme Wilson, The Sun, 21 January 2009

Britain is on high alert for a Mumbai-style terrorist attack on a top hotel, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith revealed yesterday.

She told MPs that security chiefs have been training staff at major hotels on how to cope with a terror hit.

Ministers, police and security services are urgently reviewing the UK’s counter-terrorism plans to beef up protection around hotels and other public buildings.

Appearing before the Commons Home Affairs committee, Ms Smith said the atrocities in Mumbai in November — which claimed nearly 200 lives — had triggered an overhaul of Britain’s “protective security arrangements”.


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