The Secret: Astonishing coincidences are anything but coincidences by Roland Michel Tremblay

Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
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23 March, 2009

There are two types of coincidences I would like to review here. First of all, the most astonishing ones, you are travelling in a different country and suddenly you meet someone you know. Second, you just discussed something, or were thinking about something, you turn on the TV or open a magazine, or meet someone, and the very topic being discussed is the very subject that was on your mind. These are examples of coincidences, and we certainly notice them when they happen in our life. But should we be surprised, or is it just natural, following a basic law of nature, by which you create the very universe you live in?

In light of the law of attraction, meaning the action of thinking brings into your life more of what you are thinking about, astonishing coincidences are no longer astonishing, they cannot even be called coincidences anymore. When you start paying attention to coincidences, you suddenly start seeing them everywhere. It is not surprising, because then you are inviting into your life what you are thinking about, and so coincidences multiply. This is a good thing, you should invite coincidences into your life, it tells you that you are successful at creating your own reality.

I was sitting one night in a bar with my friend in my hometown in the North of Quebec. I had just mentioned to my friend that I was thinking of moving to France, that I would love to, but I had no idea how it could be achieved. I told her that I used to know a friend with whom I studied when I was young, who lived in France for a while. Her name was Rose-Marie. Less than five minutes later Rose-Marie entered the bar.

It is perhaps not so much a coincidence, after all we both come from that same region, that same town, not very large, and of course we were meant to end up in that bar one day at the same time. However, I no longer lived in that region at that time, I was already living in Ottawa. She too was living elsewhere, in France with her French husband. We rarely came back to our region to visit our family, unless of course it was for some sort of holiday, though it was then just summer.

Still, it was already quite a coincidence, because she told me exactly what I needed to do to study in France, visit the French Consulate in Ottawa. I did, and the rest is history. Within a few months I was studying in Paris. And this is when this coincidence became astonishing.

Whilst running around La Sorbonne in Paris many months later, in order to get registered and confirm the topic of my thesis, I met a perfect stranger outside the door of one professor. After talking to him, I explained I had nowhere to live yet, he offered me his apartment for a few days, because he was not living there anymore. I only stayed there a few days, less than a week, and yet out of the blue one night Rose-Marie and her husband showed up at my door, in Paris.

Now that was beyond the coincidence. Her husband was friends with the friend of that guy who invited me to share his apartment. Rose-Marie did not even live in Paris, they lived somewhere in the South of France. And many months later a third astonishing coincidence happened. One day after a class, my friend invited me to his apartment. It was the first time since I arrived in Paris that I went back there, and it was also the first time Rose-Marie and her husband showed up back there since that famous day. They were only there for a quarter of an hour, and yet, we caught each other, once again without knowing the other might be there. We seriously wondered then why we kept meeting like this in the most extraordinary circumstances, and we agreed that at some point in the future we would get to understand. Perhaps it was all leading to what I am saying now.

Meeting Rose-Marie that first night in the North of Québec changed my destiny. As a result I made my dream to move to France come true, and after all this time I am still living in Europe. I cannot see how without having met her for 15 minutes in that pub, right after speaking about her, I would be living in London right now.

Many people go on a trip around the world and end up meeting someone they know, around a lost corner of a large city, often just after thinking about them or even speaking about them. The probability of such an event happening cannot even be calculated, because it is simply impossible, inexistent. And yet, they happen more often than you would care to admit, it happened to me more than once, with other friends I have.

What sort of mysterious force or law of nature could permit such travesty of life, such unlikely occurrences? It depends. How powerful are you at bringing into reality your own desires, your own dreams? How convinced are you that whatever you think of, whatever you want from life, will actually happen? The stronger you are at creating your own reality, the more you will witness these coincidences.

Rose-Maris was such an inspiration to me, because she was the only person I knew who actually lived in France. In the end she was not that important. What was important was the thoughts she brought me, the fact that it was possible for us, lost in the North of Québec, to go and live in France or anywhere else in the world. At that time, I would not even have dreamt of leaving for Québec City or Montreal. The thought was so frightening. I was 11 or 12 years old.

And so, she inspired me, she dictated my life, to the point that one day she showed up once again out of the blue to show me the way to my absolute freedom, the only thing that could prevent me from utter boredom, getting out of Canada and moving to Europe. And once there, the coincidences continued, I met her twice in extraordinary and unexpected circumstances. She must truly have been on my mind, throughout all that, for me to make her reappear like that into my life, like a ghost or an angel.

The second type of coincidence I feel the need to discuss is equally important, and not so obvious. It could easily be dismissed, or even ignored, but once you start paying attention, it hits you in the face. It is that whatever is on your mind, you end up watching something similar on TV, or reading all about it in a book. Suddenly it is all about exactly what you were thinking about. Or meeting someone who will unexpectedly talk exactly about what was on your mind.

It is not so easy to see the link between these events, it is not obvious that it is actually quite a coincidence, that whatever is worrying you, or takes a lot of your thoughts at this moment in time, seems to suddenly show up everywhere around you. Because you could easily dismiss it as normal that such a topic should be discussed elsewhere, since you were yourself wondering about it. Also, maybe you could have forgotten how just recently these themes occupied a large amount of your thoughts.

Well, I don’t forget, because I write everything down, I write fiction over it, and I put it all online as I write it. And when suddenly I see it all on TV in the following months, I wonder, have I inspired all this? Or is it that I do influence my existence, and whatever occupies my mind for a while, suddenly the same comes into my life, as if I attracted more of these topics into my life?

I’m not talking about the top ten most likely things that obsess most human beings. I go beyond all that now, what I write about is really out of the way, and yet, it is pouring into my life as if they were the most likely topics. Perhaps you experienced the same? That unusual event in your life, or unusual thoughts, suddenly being high profiled in a random film you decided to watch one night? Or people you meet suddenly mentioning something so specific that occupied or still occupies your thoughts?

This cannot be that unusual, a bestseller talked about this in the 90’s. It was called The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. If you managed to survive the 90’s without reading this book, and if you managed to read it without being amazed about how true it was, well, you are totally disconnected from this reality, and you will never see one coincidence within your lifetime.

In the end, there was nothing magical, spiritual, or New Age about it all, it is just that this reality is totally predictable, it is absolutely virtual, you create it as you go along. And the way you go about creating it, is all about what you most think about, your thoughts create more of the same. You create the world you live in.

Just like when you surf the Internet. Your computer, through cookies, ends up learning what your interests are, through all the searches you do, through all the links you click, and then well targeted marketing makes its great entrance. Whenever you visit a new page on the Internet, you get suggestions related to what you clicked on and searched on in the past. All the ads on those pages, are things they know you are interested in. You visit Wikipedia, and the homepage shows you exactly all that you researched previously, clicked on previously. And then, well, you click some more, the niche market marketing that you are the victim of, worked to perfection.

Life is just the same. It learns exactly like Google does, what you like in life, what you think about, and so, in order to prevent you from dying of boredom, or committing suicide through being inundated with irrelevant stuff you care nothing about, suddenly all that you are truly interested in floods into your life. You might not realise this yet, because this is pretty new. The way certain marketing software work nowadays, shows you exactly how logic and reason dictate how life is, the very laws governing everything.

The analogy between the CPU or artificial intelligence of the computer, and the human brain, was already evident, even before computers were invented. But the analogy of the workings of the Internet and the workings of our existence, is something less easily foreseen. Even less evident is how marketing software came to emulate the content of our existence. You go through life exactly like you surf the Internet. And the way everything reaches you obey the very same laws.

You are interested in something very specific, an author for example. You do a few searches on the Internet, and forget all about it. A few days later you visit a few websites, and suddenly here are before you many different links inviting you to see more of that author. It recorded, you see, that you were at some point interested in that author. In life it is the same, you thought about this author, and suddenly you go to work and one of your colleagues mentions to you that author. But what a coincidence? Not really. This is proof, this is the proof that not only we are living in a virtual world that we can create freely by thought alone, but also that life is just but a marketing software. It brings you what you are interested in, what you think about, what you speak about, what you write about. And the more determined you are in your thinking processes, your soul searching, the more astonishing the coincidences.

This is the law of attraction, a marketing software on a scale we cannot even imagine yet, because we have not accepted at this time that we are living in a Matrix, a PC adventure game, the software of life. With its very own limitations, which bring all the evidence we need, to realise that none of this is actually real.

When you concentrate real hard for some event to happen in your life, and you convince yourself that it will happen, and that it happens out of all proportions, astonishingly, there is no mystery about it all. You do control your reality, everything which happens in your own bubble universe. Now, it is possible that this is still within a larger bubble universe enclosing everyone, and that collectively when we want something, by thought alone we can all make it happen. And so, the more we all think about something, the more it will happen (usually the worst disaster we can imagine).

But individually, from my own experience, we are very powerful, we can change the world on such a scale, that perhaps no one else is required in our own game play. We can very well play alone if we want to, each of us, within our own existence. And we can make of life whatever we want, as long as we believe we can, and that there is no limit to our imagination, and to what this imagination can bring about to change our future. Astonishing coincidences are not only natural, they are a law of nature. They should happen far more often than they actually do, because we can make them come true any day of the week.

So there is no need to be so astonished. Next time you meet the next person asking you: have you seen the film The Secret? Have you read the book of the same title by Rhonda Byrne? You asked for it, you were thinking about it, and the marketing software of life took over, and brought more of it to you, so you would be reminded of the freedom you could truly enjoy in life.

None of this needs to be related or connected to religion (prayers) or New Age movements (spiritual stuff). It can easily be what The Secret claims it is, a law of physics as yet unidentified. It does exist, because as soon as you start wishing for things to happen, and be convinced they will happen, well, they do happen. It is undeniable, you can try it at any time, and you will see for yourself that it works.

However there is no need to be that surprised that it works, once you make the analogy with the Internet and marketing software, or how PCs go about creating virtual worlds. You can see right there how the law of attraction is just some programming, about how in life you follow very narrow software not so sophisticated after all.

Because in many ways, life is very limited. What you can possibly think about, hope for, see becoming reality, experienced, statistically speaking it is so common to so many millions. As if we were all living the same existence, going through the very same events and experiences, and in the end, none of us are different from a large portion of any population anywhere in the world.

I’m afraid, you are not that different from anyone else, you are exactly like everyone else, which is why statistics are so reliable in predicting just about everything about you, what you think and what you will do next in life. It is the result of the limitation of the programme which is our life.

And yet, you have all the power in the world to make of your life whatever you want, to invent it to new heights through thinking and creating new worlds to evolve in. You have two ways at your disposal. Through action, through sheer determination, or through using a shortcut, thinking hard about it, and by will alone making it all happen, creating it as if you could influence, rather easily, the virtual reality within which you exist.

Both ways are measurable, completely taken into account in the statistics. You rarely deviate from what you were destined to be, studies about twins separated at birth tell us that much. They end up doing and living exactly the same, as if somehow they had no choice but to follow a certain destiny, because in certain circumstances, they cannot fail but to follow a certain path. There must be a way to break out, to go further, to imagine and invent beyond everything that exists, and create a unique existence in which to live in. Or are we to believe we are the prisoners of such fatalism and determinism?

There is more to life than you have ever imagined. There is much more you could live and experience than you ever thought possible. And the sooner you realise that by thought and will alone you can re-organise this reality like a computer creates instantly new virtual worlds, the better you will feel, the more you will see of the real potential of this existence. And this is something computable, measurable, it can easily be turned into mathematical equations. It is already a science, human sciences, and a huge part of philosophy, finally answered.

Just don’t fall victim to the people who understand all too well these laws of nature and who will use it to take advantage of you, to exploit you. It includes religious leaders, secret societies, men’s clubs, spiritualists, psychologists, motivators, psychic mediums and therapists. See for yourself how simple it is, independently from all of them, and explore it on your own.

Avoid the trap, avoid the ones who know it works and who will exploit you through it. There is nothing mysterious, nothing religious, nothing spiritual about The Secret. After all, it all started in one book by James Allen about simple human psychology, over 100 years ago. Read more about it here (a book on the subject that I am still writing):

Changing your future. Just wish it, be convinced, and it happens


“Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.”
Roland Michel Tremblay


Tremblay-Roland Michel

5 thoughts on “The Secret: Astonishing coincidences are anything but coincidences by Roland Michel Tremblay

  1. Suggest these phenomena you describe may be happening in reverse; Rather than you controlling the world through your thoughts, consider your heightened sensitivity to the world, which may creep into your thoughts through telepathic means.

    It is not at all far-fetched.
    I myself have been twice completely blown-away by thought-pickers who had the talent (beyond belief). If they had it, why not we, albeit to lesser, and more ephemeral degree? Others are thought to be quite prescient (clairvoyant), although that’s a bit harder to fathom, and I’ve never met one.

    Certain parrots are known to be highly telepathic, likely an evolutionary function that enhances their ability to function in flocks. (google N’kisi, the African Grey Parrot)

    Thoughts are, after all, electricity, we may indeed be far more connected then general observation or science would tend to assume (for now).

  2. Mysteries of life, and its whats, hows. wheres, whens and whys are incredibly abound. I believe that we barely started scratching the surface of knowledge of this mysterious universe, and what’s left, here, out there and God knows where else, for us, to discover, is so mind-boggling that we haven’t yet come up with most of the questions, much less the answers. Not only that we have capacities that we haven’t begun to fathom, but our constant and accelerating evolution and evolvement of incredible new capacities and abilities may prove to be unlimited, the boundary of which is the stuff science fiction is made of. As long as we manage to survive the perils of our own genius, and don’t, by accident of our own making, annihilate ourselves, we’ll go places only God can go, and create things only the creator can create. Lest we forget, the controversial debate on whether God created us or it’s us who, actually, created God, is still wide open.

  3. The secret in life should not be a secret to anyone who chooses to pay attention to the way it all unfolds before him. My own life has become a living example of the Universe giving me what I want, or expect, from it.
    There is not enough space, or patience from readersto go into detail. It is all so true!!!

    Thanks, Mr. Tremblay.

  4. Just imagine for a moment how we can reshape our world by employing The Secret of The Law Of Attraction universally and towards those who are in such circumstances that scraping tree bark is their only means of sustenance

    WE together must now connect as ONE and turn the planet around by utilizing this newfound fountain of creation. This is our challenge, this is our gift, this is our potential brightness. To do this for each other, and especially for those who have no voice and who suffer while we fail to get out of self and into selfless.

    WE possess the power now, the clock is ticking, how long will we wait until we do the simple thing of using this Secret now Public to Save The World and Planet?

    This IS what Quantum Physics is. For more mind opening insights visit

    ONE World
    ONE People
    ONE Spirit

    Independent yet United in ONENESS

    This then is the “Heaven on Earth” that is only a breath away from full manifestation.

    It is up to you and I and everyone. There is no excuse for not doing what has been revealed and is NO SECRET anymore.

  5. Mr. Tremblay, do you want people to start thinking for themselves? A lot to ask of a superstitious Bunch.

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