Five Reasons Why Americans Won’t Resist By Mickey Z.

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By Mickey Z.
Information Clearing House
March 24, 2009

Protest (American, definitely not a verb): Wait for UFPJ or ANSWER to stage a parade (I mean, demonstration) on a weekend afternoon so no one misses work or school or in any way disrupts the flow of commerce. Don’t make a sign; the organizers will make one for you. March in an orderly fashion, be polite to the occupying army (I mean, cops), and be sure to stay in designated free speech zones. Blame the Republicans. Wear costumes. Make puppets. Exclude anarchists. Hold a candlelight vigil. Sign a petition. Chant. Vote for a Democrat and hope for change. Need I continue?

With the stakes never higher than they are now, why aren’t activists ramping up the pressure and looking beyond tactics that are allowed by those in power?

Here are my five guesses:

1. We are trained to believe that nothing major is wrong. Global warming? Economic meltdown? Epidemics of preventable diseases? Slavery, genocide, ecocide? You name it and we’re ready to downplay it. We’re Americans, goddammit, we’ll figure out a way to fix it. When the going gets tough, we’ll call the experts.

2. We are trained to leave it to experts. Rather than worry our little heads over why more than 100 plant and animal species go extinct each day, we rely on experts. Instead of learning what a “collateralized-debt obligation” is and how it contributed to the current economic depression, just let the professionals handle the mess. Besides, such delegation frees up much more time to watch TV and update our Facebook pages.

3. We are trained to embrace non-violence. All the real heroes would never raise a fist in anger: Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc. Sure, the government and its corporate owners are taking away all our rights and all our money. They’re poisoning our air, water, and food while crafting laws that make prison a looming possibility, but the moment we contemplate anything more than a non-violent response, we become worse than any of them. Ain’t that right?

4. We feel too damn privileged to risk prison (or worse). The average Gaza resident doesn’t have the luxury of wondering if their resistance could result in arrest and thus perhaps ruin their reputation. The average American? Well, that’s a different story. I can’t defy insane laws designed to squash protest. I might get arrested and that means close proximity to all those scary criminals and it also means hurting my chances of landing a good job and maybe even losing all my respectable friends. I mean, I’m an activist and all but that’s asking way too much. Who do you think I am, Mandela?

5. We’re fuckin’ cowards. Our acquiescence in a disturbingly broad range of areas—access to health care, tolerance for voting irregularities, directly funding the Israeli war machine, stomaching the groupthink behind saluting a flag, etc. etc. etc.—appears to have no limits. Americans love to talk the talk about being fearless and tough but when ordered to remove our shoes before going through airport security, it’s “yes sir” all the way.

We know things have passed the proverbial tipping point and that immediate action is 100% needed and justified, but we’re far too spineless to do anything that might get us in trouble. Somehow, it’s more terrifying for any of us to face down a cop than it is to contemplate the total destruction of our earthly eco-system.

If it’s true that action expresses priorities, we American activists aren’t overly concerned about the future.

We now return to our regularly scheduled slate of left wing articles…

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5 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Americans Won’t Resist By Mickey Z.

  1. There was a discussion of Mickey Z’s article on the UK medialens website. The Editors disagreed with some of the thinking behind his third reason about being trained to embrace non-violence. Their remarks are here.

    I find that Mickey is very imaginative and his website fresh. I recall a recent piece he wrote about the decline in garden birds. This phenomenon is sadly also true in the UK due to loss of habitat, increasing temperatures and changes in season lengths. Many species once common have already gone from our gardens and farmlands.

  2. Right Mickey Z. Too right. So waddya do? Well, you can contact your local SEIU or Teamsters or ILWU and offer to house, feed or support a striking worker, because it may come to that. You make a giant bumper sticker (I mean GIANT) promoting your web site or Michel Chossudovsky’s or anyone you want. You may try “organizing” with like minded folks, like you’d find here for instance. Street theatre is cool. Look at “The Church of Stop Shopping” and Rev. Billy (He’s running for mayor of NY now)
    You might run around the streets with a group of people handing out Cds, papers of stuff we read here. Just give it away. You do Street theatre and lots of it. You create media events of uncompromising creativity and originality. This type of thing is what got Greenpeace on the media stage. I know. I was there. You go hyper creative man and you don’t stop for a second. Not one fucking second.

  3. Ha!
    Too true….

    Dissent was de-clawed by the new age, marketed in malls aside scented candles, while Baghdad burned.

    Poverty could eventually trickle down the grassroots, inflaming some latent activist conscience, or likely more mass fear–

    But more likely they’ll find another bit of bubble to boost our apathy and acquiescence…

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