“We’re All In This Together” No we are not, that’s the point. By Cindy Sheehan

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by Cindy Sheehan
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March 25, 2009

President Obama basically said that we can’t demonize every investor who earns a profit, because “we are all in this together.” Sorry, but I am going to have to call a big fat “bull-shit” on this one.

When Obama said “we” did he have a mouse in his pocket? Obama, and his family have a very opulent, slave-built roof over their heads. He travels on the public nickel, his children attend an exclusive Washington, DC private school that has organic food on its menu, and has health care that covers everyone in his family from head to toe and side to side and inside out.

Even though he and every member of the administration, Congress and the Supreme Court are not hurting for anything, the bastard (sorry if your parents weren’t married when you were conceived) Wall Street banksters are receiving billions of dollars of government welfare and are not so good about being in “this together” with us.

The only concrete steps the Treasury and Fed have taken are to buy “toxic” assets (if something is toxic can it still be an asset?) so companies like Goldman Sachs (via AIG) can have the public tit rescue them from their stupider than crap mistakes.

WE the ROBBED Class are in this together. THEY the ROBBER Class are in it for themselves. How many times does Obama have to demonstrate that his economic recovery is nothing but Reaganomics wrapped in a little bit of populist rhetoric to make it easier for the mis-informed Robbed Class to swallow. If anything transpires to alleviate the suffering in our Class at all, it will be because some of the prosperity got through the cracks in the deeply cancerous system and trickled ON us. Rest assured, this is just a mistake and the only time the Robber Class cares about us, is when the interests of the two classes collide.

I will feel like I am “in this” with the Obamas when I have a free house, free health care and if my children would not have to go into lifelong debt to pay for university.

I wonder if the wall to wall homeless population (it’s growing at an alarming rate) here in San Francisco feels “in this together” with the Wall Street Robbers?

I wonder if the people standing waiting for hours in municipal Emergency Rooms waiting to get some, any medical attention feel “in this together” with Congress which has 110% medical coverage?

I wonder if the foot soldiers for the Empire feel “in this together” with the War Profiteer Robbers?

I wonder if the victims of the drug wars and street wars feel “in this together” with the children of the Robbers who ride to their schools in limos with bodyguards?

I wonder if our brothers and sisters living in tent cities with their children feel “in this together” with the Pelosis and Feinsteins of the world who live in their obscenely huge mansions in exclusive neighborhoods and fly back and forth from DC in private jets that suck down gas at an immoral rate?

I wonder if our brothers and sisters who just cashed a final unemployment check feels “in this together” with the Robbers who just cashed millions in bonuses?

I, myself, feel “in this together” with the homeless, hungry, sick, jobless, struggling, stressed, frightened, confused, yet resilient, brave and strong.

WE are in this together. WE need to step outside of the Robber Class system and start to build our own systems to help each other through this Robber Class/Goldman Sachs/Federal Reserve depression.

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5 thoughts on ““We’re All In This Together” No we are not, that’s the point. By Cindy Sheehan

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  3. We need a different system of currency, the Fed. et al would crumble.
    The homeless, poor, oppressed, suppressed, sick, old, un-employed should go to the local Fed/Muni court house and sit down, til something gives.
    Then we’ll be ” in this together” !
    The court’s can’t have the flow of cash dis-rupted!
    When peace is met with brutal force, ther is no peace, only brutal sub-mission

  4. That rant might have been a little more impressive if it hadn’t ended with trying to sell a book.

    It’s a little early to be condemning Obama for years of abuse. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t you provide all that for your family if you had the access to the funding for it?

    Regardless of your views. We are all on this planet together, in this country together. Some how we have to work together to change the things that are detrimental.

    I don’t think he intended to say everyone’s situations are equal.

    Hes the president not a supernatural being that can snap his fingers and make everything ok for everyone.

    Defending a politician… Ick.I feel dirty.

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