Red State Update: Legalize Drugs, Save Mexico

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Jackie and Dunlap’s solution to the Mexican drug wars. Well, Dunlap’s, at least.

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5 thoughts on “Red State Update: Legalize Drugs, Save Mexico

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  4. America is Addicted to drugs alright, just look at the Pharmacutical companies.
    Ridalin for children, Dr.’s Orders,
    Prozac for adults, Dr.’s Orders,
    and your worried about a psychopath on Marijuana ?

  5. LOL.
    These guys are a gas…

    Perhaps as the failed state of Mexico bleeds its anguish caused by our selfish addictions to their demise across our border, americans will think twice about becoming cocaine & heroine addicts (C’mon folks, you can’t say you don’t know better! Haven’t you seen enough meth-mouth and junkies to know what’s bound to happen? What more than a crazed crack-head does it take to show you don’t do these things, not even once!).

    Not all drugs are the same. No horrible health hazards result from pot, but cocaine and heroine and meth are deadly, addictive, and need to be less available, not more.

    Things were far more peaceful when the only import from Mexico was pot, which I can personally attest, is not a gateway drug to anything, except being bored eventually with the stupor these new strains cause…

    Likely outlawing pot enhanced the appetite for these genuinely dangerous refined substances. Cocaine ruined Coca, Heroine ruined Opium, and Meth ruined Ma Huang.

    I suggest we de-criminalize the natural, herbal forms of these horrible refined chemicals. People could grow and trade their own of each of these beautiful, wise plants, and likely over time the attractiveness of the evil, refined chemicals that kill (even without the crime) would wane. These plants are PLENTY powerful, and far less addictive.

    Also, likely with these less toxic alternatives, people would drink less booze, which kills more through cars, cancer and liver-damage than we care to acknowledge.

    Herbal stimulants and relaxation aids are hardly ‘drugs’ in the gangland sense, hardly toxic, and hardly worth killing and dying (or paying) for, & they’ll grow in your garden. Yet their value as subtle mood-adjustors are likely beneficial, certainly as proposed; a legal, herbal alternative to becoming a living-dead junkie.

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