Michel Chossudovsky: Humanatarian Intervention Challenged

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14:05 – Mar 20, 2009

Remembering the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia



4 thoughts on “Michel Chossudovsky: Humanatarian Intervention Challenged

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  2. The pretext to bomb Serbia AND Kosovo was fabricated by the CIA and de Bundes Nachricten Dienst (German Intelligence). They financed a criminal sindicate, the KLA, to attack as well Serbian as Kosovar Citizens, claiming that the Serbs were attacking Kosovar villages. What we have now is a so called independant state of Kosovo, with a government lead by drug barons and the American Army having an excuse to occupy this part of Europe. A nation that is bankrupted, that caused banks all over the world to go bankrupt because it sold worthless derivatives, has lost any moral statute to play the policeman all over the world. Let the American soldiers return to their homes and let the American banks pay their debts.

  3. Hey, what’s the problem?
    The President of the United States, the Honorable W. “Bill” J. Clinton authorized the use if force.
    The United States was acting well within its right, to help the poor Yugoslavian people whom did not know how to live in the “right” kind of Peace.
    End the IMF, and WB, enslaving the world populace while enriching a few “good” guy’s.

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