Focus on Gaza: White Phosphorous

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


In this week’s show we hear how Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of war crimes for it’s unlawful use of white phosphorous. Mike Kirsch a town in the US where white phosphorous is manufactured and shows locals the true human cost of the weapon.

Survivors of the war in Gaza take legal action and we meet a mother burnt by white phosphorous who tells her story.

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Small town’s controversial role in War on Gaza – 26 Mar 09

Al Jazeera has tracked down the origin of the white phosphorus used by Israel in the war on Gaza.

It comes from an army arsenal in a small US town called Pine Bluff, Arkansas, home to 50,000 people.

Mike Kirsch travelled to Pine Bluff to discover what its residents and leaders thought of their town’s role in the war on Gaza.

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7 thoughts on “Focus on Gaza: White Phosphorous

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  5. I think this hits the nail on the head so far as where some of us should be focusing our interest. The fact that MY country is making deadly munitions SOMEWHERE within my country’s borders is unacceptable. I’m also thinking about how effective it was when the Port of Olympia protesters (aka, Port Military Resistance, or PMR) shut down the Port so that the Strykers couldn’t be refurbished in and sent out again. At least, not without some good people protesting it and making a stink. Who’s country IS it anyway, and I’d like to see more protests crop up at these places where war materials are coming from. The fact that Israel used these munitions is atrocious, and I’d like to see more of us prevent their sale to people who can’t “use them legally” in future. One strike with white phosphorus crimes? Seems to me that’s one time too many ~ oops

    • Thank you, Oop. Great idea.

      The “war machine” has its employees in every state and the contracts for building parts to an airplane, for example, are spread out over many states/districts so it’s difficult to get the Congress to vote down military expenditures. What we need are alternative jobs/work for the people so they can choose NOT to work for the MIC.

  6. The normal denial of responsibility. What the people of Pine bluff, the United States and Israel are guilty of is inhumanity and the war crimes that mindset generates..

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