One Medical Marijuana Provider In CA Produces OVER 100,000 Dollars A Month In Tax Revenues (updated)

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March 29, 2009 CNN

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Would Marijuana Light Up the Economy?

By Mark Follman
Mother Jones
Fri March 27, 2009 1:22 PM PST

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The debate about whether to legalize marijuana in the United States has never been a mainstream one. So it’s been fascinating to watch how much attention the concept has gotten lately, however viable it may or may not be.

Preoccupation with the violent drug war is one factor; marijuana is the largest source of revenue for the Mexican cartels’ multibillion dollar business north of the border. Commodify the major cash crop through legalization, the idea goes, and its cost will plummet, putting a serious dent in the bad guys’ bank accounts.


via Would Marijuana Light Up the Economy? | Mother Jones.


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5 thoughts on “One Medical Marijuana Provider In CA Produces OVER 100,000 Dollars A Month In Tax Revenues (updated)

  1. Cannabis has been used for about 4,000 years for medical purposes. In Taiwan about 10,000 years ago the people of that country used marijuana for fiber. It’s important to mention that it’s not the social threat authorities believe it to be. On . you can find out more about the wide range of medical applications of pot in treating diseases such as convulsions, asthma, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, schizophrenia.

  2. Anyone can make that kind of money, you have to get the right education and stay on the right side of the law.

  3. Not only could legalization provide huge tax revenues, it would save huge tax expenditures in law enforcement, judicial and incarceration cost. It would also put an end to gang drug wars. Then would be the added benefit of providing relief to the patient in pysical and financial terms no longer being necessary to use RX drugs. So it is win-win except for prison for profit and drug companies. Course we all know that those companies lobby Congress and make huge campaign contributions. So we lose again.

  4. No, there is nothing about this miracle drug that could help this economy.

    Nothing to see here (except huge tax benefits).

    Obama is a liar because he knows better.

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