George Galloway moves to Plan B using a video link + Full Speech

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Updated: April 1, 2009 Added full speech; see below


A Federal Court upheld a decision to block outspoken British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, but organizers of his speaking tour had a back-up plan Monday. He appeared in Toronto via video link.


British MP George Galloway address at the University of Toronto

56:25 – Apr 1, 2009

Welcome to MISSISSAUGA WATCH. Please visit our website at (Banned from Canada) British MP George Galloway’s complete address at the Univeristy of Toronto Missisauga (UTM) From the Mississauga News: By: John Bkila March 31, 2009 11:09 PM – During his video appearance in Mississauga tonight, banned British MP George Galloway thanked Canada’s immigration minister “for giving the anti-war movement such a tremendous boost.” Galloway lashed out at Federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney when he was beamed into, via the Internet, a nearly full 588-seat MiST theatre at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The controversial Brit was speaking from New York City because the Canada Border Service Agency ruled he was a threat to our national security and banned him from entering the country. “What was meant as a four-city tour has turned into a national and international story. Mr. Kenney, thank-you for giving the anti-war movement such a tremendous boost with your eternal blundering,” said Galloway. You can read more at:

video no longer available


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One thought on “George Galloway moves to Plan B using a video link + Full Speech

  1. Great speech all spoken on points and in democratic and respectful method. Hopefully all Leaders should adopt this and I refer specially to those in Asia who start by blaming and criticising on points sometimes most irrelevant.
    In this modern World peaceful coexistence is must as it had been if you notice before 9/11.
    Muslims acrooos the country condemned the events;expressed their awe and mentioned that it not Muslim practise ;but all fell on deaf ears of the Politicians who as elected representatives decided that a lesson should be btaught in retaliation.
    Why didnt the President of that period Bush didnt make an effort to sit with all world leaders specially with the Arab/Middle East Leaders and work out a Plan to chase and catch the perpretataors and bring them to justice??? That should been the right course .
    Whats surprising is two points:
    1.People from Asia who also lost their near and dear ones at the World Centre never got the publicity specially on the point that the main suspected Osama Bin Laden have never been heard of in these parts before this event . Why was the publicity of deadth of Asians stopped and only Americans were higlighted.
    2. Why did they form Alliance with UK and European Countries and without the consultation and approval of UN did the US and Allied forces attack Afghanistan and Iraq listening to controversial persons like Hamid Karzai and other Iraquis who were driven out by late Saddam– why no general consensus and responsibility not also given to Arab and Asian countries as well from the beginning.
    Today as you see all Muslim majority countries are being asked for help but not appreciated i.e Pakistan is a case.
    Why when war is decalred and battle ongoing is the India-US Nuclear treaty signed????
    Now in many American papers;opinion websites and chat sites there is open discussion that CIa and also the Congress team that interviewd several personnels on events of 9/11 are finding that many intelligence reports were doctoreed and plans to attack were in store.
    Has the US and Uk and allied fdorces considered the fact that there secretive deal to go on war on Terror has caused a lot of hatred and bad feelings even amongst the oridinary Tax paying Citizens..
    Speaking now for Israel Zionists planned its occupation through Balfour Declaration and occupied it thats a fact and now the want to stay but make war and throw Palestine oput nor colonize Palestininans– is that the right humanitartian thing to do.
    The Isarelis has to be warned by US that we are no longer supporting your cause for war but only cause for peacefulk coexistence with palestinians.
    This two nation theory is not too fair for Palestinians but in the modern world its good to live peacefully with enemies too;after all they are God’s creature perhphs a bit spolied but humans after all but if their Nuclear and arms supplies are not same and same for IRAN then both will show dominance and plans for peace spoiled as one can see through SPEEC of NEYYANAYU– a very dangerous attitude.
    Mr. Galloway must be supported not banned from countries and his proposals could be considered as he had practically visited the area and knows the facvts.
    US has alsready welcomed his visits and I hope that his talks with US Congressman nwould be effective in paving a way for solutions to Peace.
    I am ready to make some efforts to this end too.
    Lets hope Peace wins and WAR stops and that whole world will get rid of NUCLEAR PLANTS.

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