It’s the End of the World as We know it and I feel FINE: Goose Liver Revolution

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This week:

1. Good news round up
2. Montreal Angst
3. X-acto Shooting
4. Olympic Greenwash
5. Obama chills motherfucker out
6. European Rebellions part Deux
7. Biden needs more time
8. Goose Liver Revolution
9. Atari Teenage Riot
10. C.R.A.S.S. & the RNC 8

5 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World as We know it and I feel FINE: Goose Liver Revolution

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  2. Can somebody please explain to me these anarchists, hard-core anti-globalists who have all this passion at these meetings of global gangsters?

    I hear nothing about their organizing principles, nor have I met one of these militants. They seem to have cornered all the activism that peaceful progressives and environmentalists should have, but rage around in gangs of mohawked ravers.

    Why must all manner of revolt against capitalistic abuse be by these hooded throngs of hardcore ‘alternative’ looking types bent on some final showdown with the cops? Are these all Ron Paul/Alex Jones supporters? Are they all on ecstacy or meth?? Who are they, where do they come from, and why are they the only activists any more??

    Where are the normal, good, intelligent, intellectual, peaceful, respectable people who once came out for anti-vietnam and civil rights protests, and why aren’t they banding in these kind of numbers behind Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink?

      • I’m sure the cops will bash heads regardless, as reported Norm Stemper ex-Seattle Police Chief now says he made ‘major mistakes’ using all that teargas and rubber bullets at the WTO conference there in 1999.

        ‘Crowd control’ seems to be getting much more sophisticated very quickly with new technologies, pretty soon protestors will be ‘heat-rayed’, sprayed with slippery foam, or otherwise rendered inert.

        But I’m still ignorant about who these demonstrators are. It seems the most activist rallies these days are by huge groups of militant protesters who turn out in giant newsworthy droves every time a WTO, NAFTA or G8 meeting happens, whether in the EU or here.

        Meanwhile we couldn’t muster more than a dozen heroic women clad in pink to impeach our former war-criminal in chief.

        Can somebody please help me overcome my genuine ignorance, who are these people, who organizes them, do they have a global network, are they generally so-called ‘Anarchists’, and why are their organizing entities not publicized among the progressive sources, or are they?

        The last time militant bands of youth gathered in any numbers outside this WTO-related furor that I can recall was regarding Ron Paul’s candidacy, and that was an electoral movement.

        Where were all these young, hooded, male, Mohawked rampaging vandals during the 8 years of Botch’s illegal wars, and why are they so all-out enraged and militant in such large, passionate, bottle-smashing, head-banging, mosh-pitted numbers regarding meetings of industrialized free-trade officials (a principal not going to change any time soon), and not about other, more immediate, acute and local issues of peace and justice in which people are being killed before our eyes, billions squandered monthly, and barely a soul had a thing to say about it?

        Who/what are these WTO protesters, and why am I not on their email broadcasts? Are they related to the NWO conspiracists?

  3. Until “We” say enough, the suppression will continue to grow, Judicial Mis-Carriages will continue, and more prisons wil be necessary.
    People who try know;
    nothing beats a failure, except a try !

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