Chomsky: It should be remembered that Germany went to the depths of barbarism in 10 years

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10 thoughts on “Chomsky: It should be remembered that Germany went to the depths of barbarism in 10 years

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  7. I don’t get why everyone says, including Chomsky, that almost nobody got it right about the economic collapse. It was predicted, and elaborated in high detail right here on DS over three years ago (and i recall scoffing then, all the reason to never take my words too seriously).

    DS should be featured on Maddow for having been so prescient, as was Byron Dorgan for predicting the banking meltdown in 1999 with the repeal of Glass Steagall.

    About the depths of barbarism, i no more forgive the vile citizens of Weimar germany, than I do the vile US right-wingers and their Palin-ites who will be worse than Botch, and who will be back.

    Germany should have been broken up, disbanded, forced to never again exist as a national entity.

    When the US and it’s ultra rightist nationalist brain-dead majority carry out their genocidal war of worlds which they so crave, they too will be undeserving of a national identity. Unfortunately the likely cinder of a planet left will be in no shape to reign in the militaristic mania of the USA.

    Right Noam is to mention the US bizarre fascination with militarism, when they spend more on military than all other OECD nations combined. This alone is reason to revile the USA and its neo Weimarism.

    Conservative right wing fascists are the genuinely dangerous people, and comprise the majority of the USA for decades now.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Natureboy. I owe it all to the wonderful, intelligent writers whose work I post.

      I do disagree with your last point, I think the right-wing supporters are the loudest, but not necessarily the largest group in the US. Of course, they don’t need to be the largest to take over the govt, as we have seen in our more recent US history.

      Quote that comes to mind:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      Edmund Burke

      • I think you are very modest… this is the first place people should come to find a true compendium of prescient progressive issues, and pay close attention to all that appears here. It takes a unique talent and devotion, and great love and intelligence to compile this collection of immensely important alternative news and views.

        I do so want to believe the left/right divide in the USA is not heavily weighted to the dark side. Think Progress posted two studies, revealing trends toward the left in an otherwise evenly split nation ( )

        But in my interpretation, such a vast failure by the right wing conservatives of the last two terms, in contrast with a prior era of unprecedented peace and prosperity, should have yielded a sea-change in ideology by now, not just a close, nearly lost election.

        This means to me the strength and resilience of the right is vastly more powerful an impulse among the US populace than progressivism or liberalism.

        This combined with ratings data showing FOX in over 50% of households, despite the absurdity of their pundits, and despite the vast failure and mockery the conservatives have made of politics, economics, and progress, means to me the basic propensity of the majority of the population in this land is heavily weighted toward conservatism, anti-intellectualism, and right wing nationalistic zealotry. I just don’t believe the republicans are in such shambles as MSNBC would have us believe, rather Rush and Billo are vastly popular, mopping the floor with liberal commentators.

        All of which would not be such an issue if we didn’t slaughter people overseas, destroy the world’s resources, pollute the planet more than any combination of nations, and now foist an economic melt-down on the world which is responsible for the deaths of thousands of children in the developing world, all in the name of right wing, conservative ideology.

        Just my unscientific interpretation.

        • Good points, Natureboy. And thanks again for your support of Dandelion Salad.

          I truly believe that the corporate owned and operated media with their selected “news” stories have a lot to do with the dumbing down of Americans.

          You are so right about this past election season, it should have been a landslide after the disastrous past 8 yrs and it wasn’t.

          The “right wing” supporters have done their work in convincing the public that anything progressive is “Socialist” (in a negative connotation). It’s a shame. People need to do their homework/research and not depend on “pundits” (whoever these people are).

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