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by David Walsh
2 April 2009

For examples of intellectual and political bankruptcy, one could hardly do better than peruse the pages of the Nation, the American liberal publication. An excellent starting-point would be the magazine’s ongoing series, “Reimagining Socialism.”

The collection of short essays by a variety of liberal and “left” commentators in the US, is a response to the breakdown of world capitalism and the discrediting of free market ideology, a phenomenon that even the mass media acknowledges. Popular hatred for the corporate-financial aristocracy is increasingly a fact of American daily life.

The Nation‘s response is a pre-emptive effort to convince its readers that socialist revolution is impossible and the best of all possible worlds would be the emergence of mass reformist pressure on the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

The series prompted a sardonic comment this week in Britain’s Financial Times, one of the more astute voices of bourgeois opinion. Columnist Michael Skapinker (“Dangers in a World of Disillusionment,” March 30) notes that “Oddly, those who should be rejoicing most at capitalism’s humbling are as lost as everyone else.” He observes that the Nation “has now published an extensive series of essays called ‘Reimagining Socialism,’ in which one writer after another admits they cannot reimagine socialism.”


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Barbara Ehrenreich: Is Capitalism Dead?

April 02, 2009

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