Kucinich: I Simply Cannot Endorse a Budget or a Plan that Authorizes the Expansion of War

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by Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington D.C., Apr 2, 2009

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today issued the following statement after voting against H.Con.Res 85, setting forth the Congressional Budget for the fiscal year 2010:

“I am committed to doing everything I can to put our community and our nation on the path to economic stability. I led opposition to the bank bailout program TARP, I worked vigorously in favor of the stimulus package, and I have worked to save the automotive, steel and aerospace industries in America.

“This budget is a statement of principles for the upcoming year, and I cannot accept it in its entirety. I will not vote for a budget that ties military spending to the operational funding of our government. This year, the budget includes $130 billion for war funding. The Washington Post reports today another 10,000 troops may be sent to Afghanistan, bringing our total number of troops there to as much as 78,000 by 2010 – a more than 100% increase from today’s troop levels. This budget is a plan that authorizes the expansion of the war. I simply cannot endorse a budget or a plan that sends more of our brave men and women to Afghanistan, a conflict which has the potential to become this generation’s Vietnam.”

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9 thoughts on “Kucinich: I Simply Cannot Endorse a Budget or a Plan that Authorizes the Expansion of War

  1. Integrity may be scarce, but consider the forces these people are up against. Bob Bowman, Reagan’s ex-head of the Star Wars Missile defense, said that congressmen are threatened by forces unnamed.
    Michael Hudson layed out the case for the US financial system being dependent and deeply rooted in military spending. This is not going to change unless the people get 100% behind general strikes and stop supporting military solutions and spending in as many ways as is possible and supportable.

  2. I love this man. Except he favored the “stimulus” package.

    And at least he realizes that Obama is expanding war… Can someone remind us why we’re in Afghanistan again?

  3. Dennis Kucinich is a Singular voice and relentless force for Peace Justice and the rule of law, unique in our entire government.

    His devotion, intelligence and profoundly courageous activism should touch us all in the deepest part of our common humanity.

    Had he been elected, and his platform and policies pursued, we’d be marching out of wars and toward international detent and peace, we’d have saved the vast and unprecedented waste of the TARP, bailed out the people, jailed the war criminals of the prior administration so future militaristic born-again fascists would think twice before defying morality and the rule of law by lying us into further false-flag Vietnams, and government would once again be in service of the people, not corporations, banksters and war profiteers.

    We must make a unified stand, and it must be first and foremost for the cessation of these wars and the rolling back of the endless waste of over 50% of our tax revenue on the military, long before the ambitious Obama agenda, which involves among some noble ideas, the re-nuclearization of the world and the futile surge to subjugate the Taliban by force.

    Today the War Resistors League published a statement in honor of Dr. King, racalling his epic speach against the Vietnam war, remarking that the USA remains the “greatest purveyor of violence in the world”, and reminding us about the chilling parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam:

    Click to access afghanapr09.pdf

    We must urge everyone to remember to stand in support of our few rare, precious individual humans who thanklessly speak the truth about the USA, and attempt to teach peace; our great, selfless heroes, like Cindy Sheehan, and Dennis Kucinich.

    “Come Home America”
    ~Dr. Martin King.

  4. I agree that the deficit is extremely high and adding to that isn’t the answer. However, our entire government needs to get behind one movement. Unity will be the answer to getting out of this…if it were possible to put parties aside and decide on a resolution together, would it happen? [edited]

  5. Dennis Kucinich a person of extroadinary moral courae should now be our President. Instead, we have been given Obama, who is eager to promote the war machine, and rewarding the financial oligarchy.
    Didn’t George Orwell warn us about endless wars of Empires?

  6. Dandi; Shaine,
    There are so many dirty fingers in the jar,
    unwilling to stop profiting from this dirty war.

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