Rachel Maddow: Why Gitmo Accountability Matters

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From The Rachel Maddow Show April 3, 2009.

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Torture on Dandelion Salad



6 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow: Why Gitmo Accountability Matters

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  4. One day, we will look back, and wonder how it came to pass, that the tremendous intelligence and communicative capacity of Rachel Maddow appeared in the midst of a GM-owned corporate media machine.

    For once ‘ratings’ worked on behalf of the furtherance of peace and accountability, within the worst, most polluting, right-wing, selfish, strictly corporatist structure ever concocted.

    Whatever it is that brings Rachel to the people, regardless of the bizarre, incongruous fluke that makes it part of the single most detestable, polluting, hideous corporate disease of GE, it’s enough to make me believe there’s some small silver lining to the dark times in which we are forced by the likes of GE to live.

    Thank you Rachel, you are brilliant, and we are therefore blessed.

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