Nader: Only Human Beings Should Have Constitutional Rights

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Ralph Nader spoke to standing room only early morning room full of the PowerShift2009 young people March 1, 2009.


Dr. Helen Caldicott: Nuclear Energy and Global Warming (2008; must-see)

Say No to Nukes by Ralph Nader

People died at Three Mile Island by Harvey Wasserman + Original CBS Report 3.30.79 (updated)

3 thoughts on “Nader: Only Human Beings Should Have Constitutional Rights

  1. Corporations not allowed “Individualism”.
    since a corporation has but one need, Money. The Coproration needs that Money to Protect “Itself” from the abused people, by use of “Law”.
    Laws drawn up by Corporation’s[Attorney], for Corporation’s{Bank}, threw Politicial Contribution’s[Polititican’s], and after-service employment{Money}, at the Taxpayer’sexpense[Treasue and Independence].
    Now that it is Multi-National Corp’s, our “Rights[Soveriegnity]” are over-ruled by contrac,t w/o Knowledge, and/or Consent.

    Watch “The Take[from Ca. to Fla.]” it’s a reminder of how many slaves there really are, that don’t realize the power, but are sidetracked by self interest[Stop the ?, End the ?, Save the ? What the ?, How the ? ect…
    Devide and conquer, and its working for the Corp.’s!

  2. Now if NADER says it, u know it’s true: Depression.

    {So, do black beans grow in NY…}

    This man covers so much so fast.

    Hard to believe that we have such amazing leaders and thinkers like Ralph & Dennis, we are blessed.

    • Can you even imagine what our country would be like if we had either or both Ralph or Dennis as President of the United States of America? For one, we would have universal healthcare for all. And that one would be a big one as it would effect so many people (for the positive).

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