Romero (1989) + Chomsky on Oscar Romero + Massacre during Romero’s funeral (must-see)

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These videos may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

San Francisco - Mission District: Balmy Alley - A Tribute to Archbishop Oscar Romero

Image by Wally Gobetz via Flickr

Updated: Sept. 27, 2018

Romero (1989) Trailer – John Duigan, Raul Julia

DionysusCinema on Mar 3, 2010

1989 film about Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero. Stars Raul Julia and is directed by John Duigan.

He started a revolution without guns, without an army, without fear. Because one man’s courage can be the most powerful weapon of all.

“If they kill me, I will rise in the Salvadoran people.”

Romero is a compelling and deeply moving look at the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who made the ultimate sacrifice in a passionate stand against social injustice and oppression in his country.

This film chronicles the transformation of Romero from an apolitical, complacent priest to a committed leader of the Salvadoran people.

This man of God forced by the unspeakable events going on around him to take a stand-a stand that ultimately leads to his assassination in 1980 at the hands of the military junta.

Archbishop Romero was murdered on March 24, 1980. He had spoken the disturbing truth. Many chose not to listen. As a result, between 1980 and 1989, more than 60,000 Salvadorans were killed. But the struggle for peace and freedom, justice and dignity goes on.

The film features a powerful performance by Ana-Alicia.


Chomsky on Oscar Romero

MARYtheBEST333 on Dec 27, 2017

“Let my blood be a seed of freedom and the sign that hope will soon be reality.” –Oscar Romero


Massacre in El Salvador during Oscar Romero’s funeral

hellionsentinel on Dec 4, 2008

Snipers from the National Army fire from the top of buildings during Romero’s funeral in 1980 in the central San Salvador park

Updated: Sept. 27, 2018

Monsignor Romero​

saqlainMDG [Mounir Katchera] on May 13, 2017

Starting as a conservative priest, Oscar Romero turned into an active advocate of the human rights in Central America. This film reports his life and his suspicious murder in 1980.

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  17. It’s a vitally important post. One of Dandelion’s Best. Especially on the day of remembrance of MLK. (and, after all the vituperation about the battle of theists and atheists– as Oscar says: ‘We are Human Beings!’).

    Thank you Lo, for commemorating this important day for the Salvadorans, a day of victory for the people of El Salvador, and a day that should be a day of repentance for the people of the USA.

    Another film, which claws at my conscience with the coming of May, is Las Madres de la Plaza de mayo.

    Never forget.

  18. Thank you.

    Today, there was a ‘demonstration’ against the wars on wall street. Demonstration? 300 kids with pillows, matched 1:1 with tourists and 3000 cops blockading anyone else. Very frustrating, why? Because of the cops, or the pathetic turnout?

    (I did get some good pics in Battery park of a lone wild turkey pecking at his old pecking-ground, like when the Battery was still beautiful and wild)

    But we can’t complain, can we, when in 1980, fascist snipers, no doubt trained by our SOA, would pick you off from rooftops for the ‘crime’ of remembering the great man Oscar Romero, who died for our sins.

    Never forget.

    • Thanks, Natureboy, I made this post for you at your suggestion. I did have to move your comment as one of the videos was published before it was ready (it was supposed to have been in the “Drafts” folder), and it is now deleted.

      It’s time to close the SOA!

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