Six Years in Iraq: Capitalism is Warfare by Manila Ryce

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The Largest Minority
April 5, 2008


On the sixth anniversary of the Iraq War, 4,000 demonstrators gathered in the streets of LA to attend an anti-war rally and demand an end to US imperialism around the world.

Ron Kovic, Vietnam veteran and author of ‘Born on the Fourth of July” was the keynote speaker. After the rally, thousands marched onto Hollywood Blvd and stopped in front of the famous Kodak Theatre to stage a symbolic die-in by laying down in the middle of the street as the sound of bombs and air raid sirens blared over loudspeakers. Bystanders looked on while others, including some street performers, joined the massive crowd. After the die-in, the march picked back up and ended at the doorstep of a military recruitment center where we delivered 40 coffins draped with Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian, and American flags.

The protesters are fewer in number these days, but the most hardcore remain undeterred in the streets. Rather than fruitlessly attempt to correct a corporate system with reform, we stand in agreement that it must be replaced entirely with a Socialist Revolution. If your cause is to save the environment, you need to end capitalism. If your cause is to end poverty, you need to end capitalism. If your cause is to end war, you need to end capitalism.

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Updated: Oct. 3, 2014

The Lonely Right: War Protests in Hollywood (War Part 1)

Jon Raymond on Mar 23, 2009

Join the Stop War Project:
Hollywood, CA, March 21 2009 – Thousands of protesters gathered in Hollywood. This video, part 1 of a series, shows a Iraq war veteran who says he became aware, after serving in Iraq, that the real heroes don’t wear U.S. uniforms. The real heroes are on the other side. He said hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died at the hands of US troops and that the US is the largest terrorist organization on the planet.

Give Peace a Chance: (War Part 2)

Jon Raymond on Mar 26, 2009

Ron Kovic, Vietnam War veteran, and author of Born on the Fourth of July, leads the crowd in a few stanzas of Give Peace a Chance. Tina Richards of Veterans for peace and the mother of a US Iraq War veteran talks about her son’s PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), how the Army treated him and declared him cured, released him and he then got thrown into jail for beating his wife. Now he is shipping out for another three year tour in Iraq, to her great dismay. Jim Lafferty of the Lawyers Guild and staunch AnswerLA supporter, speaks vehemently about end all wars, spending money on jobs instead of wars, and bringing the troops home.


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