‘US army bans PSTD diagnosis over costs’

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Wed, 08 Apr 2009 18:13:46 GMT

The US Army has reportedly pressured its medical staff not to diagnose combat veterans, who had fought in Iraq, with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The shocking news was revealed after an Iraq veteran recorded an Army psychologist at Fort Carson, Colorado, during a medical appointment.

A Combat veteran, who has been seeking treatment at Fort Carson for a brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, had put a recording device into his pocket and set it on voice-activation in order to capture what the doctor tells him because of his war-damaged memory, Salon magazine reported Wednesday.

His recording, however, unlocked a dark secret and documented the fact that the US military does not want Iraq veterans to be diagnosed with PTSD– something that wounded soldiers and their advocates have long suspected.


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“I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD” | Salon News h/t: CLG

Listen to a segment of the recording of an Army psychologist at Fort Carson, Colo., saying that he was under pressure not to diagnose combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.


5 thoughts on “‘US army bans PSTD diagnosis over costs’

  1. WTF. This is criminal. A broken contract with deliberate malfeasance.

    This had taken place since criminals were allow to take over the US government in 2000.

    There is a certain justice to it: taking an unthinking US citizen and using him to give a dose of “democracy” to another country can’t get his illness treated.

    I don’t imagine the Iraqis who’ve suffered the most get diagnosed with PTSD.

    • You are correct, this is another reason NOT to enlist. The govt/military uses the soldiers as guinea pigs, and to promote their agenda, certainly these foreign wars are not for the US’ national security/defense.

  2. That’s very unfortunate. Part of the problem I think is that not enough money is allocated for veteran’s health .. we need to allocate more and remove this incentive to under-diagnose. It’s expensive and the economy is in rough shape, but the veterans deserve it.

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