When Atheism Becomes Religion: Americas New Fundamentalists (Chris Hedges) + Hitchens on Thom Hartmann

Interview with Chris Hedges
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Thom challenges author Chris Hedges, Senior Fellow at the Nation Institute http://www.thenation.com. Check out http://www.thomhartmann.com.

Pt 2


How Religion Poisons Everything? Thom Debates Christopher Hitchens On Religion.

God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything or does it? Thom spars with author/journalist/pundit Christopher Hitchens http://www.hitchensweb.com


Resist or Become Serfs by Chris Hedges

Interview with Chris Hedges, author of “I Don’t Believe in Atheists” (2008)

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  7. erk-the reason why hedges could not name his book ”i dont believe in hitchens and harris , is becuase this imperial neo atheism is much much bigger than them . in fact if you ever get around to reading the book , he documents all of the writers that are in this new movement and are topping the nytimes top sellers. someone has to counter this . why ? becuAse WAR IS WRONG ! EMPIRE BUILDING IS OPPRESSION .

  8. Many things in these interviews I found really enlightening on these two men, on Hedges:

    1) Hedges does not believe in the afterlife of the Christian religion (heaven/hell) and the amorphous god.

    2) Hedges discerns his own Christianity from that of other Christians.

    3) When asked why he is not a Deist he says that Deism is the closest to his own stance.

    4) Hegdes claims that the atheist view is Utopian.

    In the interview with Hitchens, Thom asked to define what God is. I really wish he would of asked Hedges the same thing. I find it really revealing that Hedges does not believe in most foundational beliefs of Christianity yet still calls himself a Christian because he uses his own interpretation outside of religion. If you define God as being the physical world then you are just reclassifying something we already have a word for: nature.

    On the Hitchens debate Thom redefined the term supernatural to mean a feeling of transcendence when the term already has a definition to mean beyond the natural world (super + natural). People no longer believe that the Juju in the mountain makes erupt because we know of plate techtonics and magma beneath the earth’s surface.

    Number 4 on the list above I find most irritating of the points Hedges makes. First off, its refuted by all the people he is talking about. Hitchens and Harris make no claim of Utopia and Hitchens does so in this video right here. Hedges’ religion does claim Utopia, the 2nd coming of Christ, the concept of Heaven. He just out of hand refutes those concepts as being real, just as atheists do, but while ignoring that the foundational belief in the religion of Christianity itself does not.

    Thom then equates arguing against the existence of God to evangelizing. Why is it necessary to continually redefine words? Of course Hitchens is promoting a ideal, but that does not meet the requirement of “evangelizing”. If that were the case any position you take in any context would mean evangelizing and the word would mean no different then proponent or advocate. It seems that its down with the sole purpose to dilute the conversation into all opinions on the matter are exactly the same regardless of evidence or reason. If you believe that the Juju does in fact make the mountain erupt and that the devil made it seem like there is magma under the earth’s surface and that plate techtonics are real, then its just as valid as the opinion of a geologist studying volcanoes.

    Since Hedges himself can separate his Christianity from Christianity, why not extend the same courtesy to atheists and just name his book: I Don’t Believe In Hitchens and Harris.

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