Zinn: Send a message to Obama + A reinvigorated labor movement needed for social upheaval

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Howard Zinn on class in America Pt 3 – social turmoil is not bad if it leads to something good


PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network coming from Boston with Howard Zinn. Thanks for joining us again. So we left off talking about—you were speaking about the necessity of a mass motion, some kind of a movement on the scale of Vietnam to send a message to President Obama, essentially, “Don’t listen to your advisers; listen to this movement.” Before we talk about how a movement like that might get built, why do so many people think that President Obama is anything other than who the advisers are he has picked. Hasn’t he picked people that more or less agree with him? Like, why do we think he’s any more than what he appears to be?

HOWARD ZINN, HISTORIAN AND AUTHOR: You know, every day I talk to people who represent just what you were talking about, friends of mine who have a hard time being critical of Obama and who keep defending his policies in various ways, weakly I must say (they wouldn’t think so, but weakly), saying things like, “Well, you know, he doesn’t have much choice,” or, you know, “Oh, give him more time.” But I think the reason for this reluctance to criticize Obama is that his election brought such an enormous wave of relief at finally getting rid of the Bush administration; and, of course, exuberance, justified exuberance, at having a first African-American in the White House; and the enthusiasm for this young, intelligent, articulate person who expressed himself so well.


via The Real News Network – Send a message to Obama.


Zinn: A reinvigorated labor movement needed for social upheaval


Zinn on class in America (updated)

10 thoughts on “Zinn: Send a message to Obama + A reinvigorated labor movement needed for social upheaval

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  6. Kudos to Natureboy ! the reason why Obama wont do it is becuase he is doing what his corporate paymasters in the military industrial complex and other areas tell him what to do .
    i saw Zinn speak about 8 years ago . it was great !

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  8. Citizens are so un-organized, each group has a specific concern, not the big picture of what binds Us
    Devide us maybe,
    Conquer Us, that might be a different story. “Takes a lickin’ but keeps on a tickin.”
    Viva the Constitution, & the Bill of Rights,
    Keep your change, Stick your contracts, U Bull Sheets, and Bear no alms !?

    • Good point, U ? Authority.

      It is a matter of the Constitution of the USA. All of us, regardless of our petty (and not so petty) differences must come together to take back our country.

  9. Wasn’t 8 years of what Botch has been doing not enough for people to ‘come down’ to the fact that Obomba is doing far too much the same thing?

    Kucinich says pull out of Afghanistan and iraq right now.

    Kucinich says reform the monetary system and nationalize the fed.

    Kucinich says stop bailing out the banks, stop paying for the MIC.

    Why is this so radical, why would this be so hard to understand.

    Obomba has the wrong advisers, and he knows better. Obomba needs to bring on Kucinich. Kucinich in the cabinet, and none of this would be happening.
    The litmus test of an intelligent president is how high of a position does he offer Kucinich.

    maybe I sound like a groupie, but it’s true!

    Zinn has beautiful, compassionate eyes. Thank you Howard Zinn for a beautiful career of lifelong activism for peace.

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