Danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust (English subtitles)

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Niels Harrit and 8 other scientists found nano-thermite in the dust from the World Trade Center.

He is interviewed on danish TV2 News.


Thermite By John S. Hatch

Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade

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  4. The peer-reviewed paper by Harrit et al on loaded gun evidence of controlled demolitions follows literally tons of smoking gun evidence including numerous reports of molten metal and molten steel, which ventilation-controlled office compartment fires, and underground fires smothered by thousands of tons of concrete dust and hosed by millions of gallons of water, are incapable of.

    And the ‘evidence’ for “suicidal Arabs” – nearly half of whom later turned up alive! – consists of a claim by former top cop Bernard Kerik that a hijacker’s passport was found, along with videos of “Osama” after he reportedly died. In 2007, Kerik was indicted on charges of lying, conspiracy and fraud. The last couple of times “Osama” appeared in a grainy video, the actors bore such a limited resemblance to this modern-day Emmanuel Goldstein that the Bush admin and the CIA subsequently resorted to audiotapes.

    The “red chips = paint” nonsense was even debunked by former “debunker” Dr Frank Greening, who showed that the WTC primer paint contained zinc whereas the red chips did not. In any case, had nano-sized plates of elemental aluminum miraculously embedded themselves in nano-sized iron(III) oxide powder to form a rapidly reacting, highly exothermic mix, that would have contradicted the second law of thermodynamics and the laws of probability!

    Benjamin Netanyahu and Rudy Giuliani were both at the crime scene in New York on 9/11, just as they were both at the crime scene in London on the morning of the 7/7 bombings where it was admitted that Netanyahu and the Mossad had advance warning. Mossad agents trained their cameras on the Towers in advance of the first 9/11 impact, and were seen dancing and celebrating with high-fives before the second impact when most still believed it had been a terrible accident. Netanyahu’s close friend Larry Silverstein took over the WTC lease six weeks before 9/11, and made damn sure the complex was insured for $billions against terror attacks. Silverstein had a “dermatologist’s appointment” on the morning of 9/11; consequently he and his children were not in the Towers that morning and were spared.

    Rabbi Zakheim, former CEO of SPC which was the market leader in hi-tech aircraft remote control “Flight Termination Systems”, took a position as Comptroller of the Pentagon months before 9/11, when it was public knowledge that $2.3 trillion worth of transactions was hard to track, being on stand-alone computers and antiquated paperwork that could be readily taken out by a missile or plane strike on the relevant bookkeeping and accounting section at the Pentagon.

    The mainstream media’s conspicuous silence over the collapse of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory has clearly exposed them as the “dogs that didn’t bark”.

  5. I wrote to Neils Harrit last summer. He is not able to explain:

    1) Inverted cars near the WTC
    2) Lack of steel (even though he says it didn’t turn to dust)
    3) Ongoing effects at the site
    4) Circular holes in the top of the WTC
    5) Presence of Hurricane Erin near NYC on 9/11

    Oh dear – it’s looking like another cover-up!


    The Bentham open Journal? Perhaps it’s a little too open?


    This doesn’t draw your attention to Dr Wood’s evidence and is a little too disparaging in one or two places, but apart from that provides a useful background to this thermite “paper” – which is just some kind of show piece, having little or no value.

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  7. Thanks for posting this Lorri. Many fine people contributed to this study.
    They have been fighting an uphill battle for years and now they have some very convincing evidence and science to say what they’ve been saying all along. New Investigation. New Independent Investigation.

    • This is very good info that must be seen. I found this through another friend, but did go to your site and put a link to another post you had at the end of this post.

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