New York police attack protesting New School students (+ videos)

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By Sandy English
13 April 2009

In a display of brutality, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) arrested 22 students who had occupied the premises of the New School in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village last Friday. Students were struck by police without provocation and thrown to the ground, and others were pepper-sprayed.

Approximately 60 students occupied a New School building on Friday morning. The students were demanding the resignation of New School president John [Bob] Kerrey, the former Nebraska governor and senator, and a Vietnam war criminal, as well as the school’s autocratic executive vice president, James Murtha.


Donna Lieberman, executive director for the New York Civil Liberties Union, noted after viewing the video:

“What appears on the video is someone yelling at the cops and getting punched in the face for it and thrown to the ground and arrested. The Police Department has no authority to use physical force on somebody in this situation and they have no authority to arrest people for yelling at them; that is a violation of civil rights plain and simple.”


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New School University Occupation Police Brutality


Police arrested 19 protesters who had occupied a New School building as part of a protest aimed at the university’s president, Bob Kerrey. This video shows that as demonstrators attempted to leave through a side door, they were pepper sprayed and not allowed to leave. Following this, several officers assaulted supporters outside.

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New School April Occupation – Solidarity Rally at Union Square


This is video from the Friday night (4/10) rally and march at Union Square to support the students arrested earlier in the day at the Graduate Faculty at 65 5th Ave. Video includes an update and response from students to the occupation and lies from the New School administration.

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Police Assault New School Support March from Union Square


This is a short video clip shot at the rally and march on Friday night (April 10th) for the students arrested that afternoon in the occupation of the Graduate Faculty building of the New School in New York City. This video is from the last part of the march when police arrested several people, one of which can be seen in this film. The man who assaults the camera is believed to be either NYPD or possible a security official for the New School. His identity is still trying to be confirmed. This is a continuation of the police violence and assaults which happened on Friday during the occupation.

New York Penal Law, Article 120, ASSAULT AND RELATED OFFENSES. It is a felony offense (in NY and the nation) to threaten (assault) someone and especially to physically attack them (battery), regardless if you are police, security or a public citizen, period.

More video and updates at

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  3. While both John (‘Don’t taze me dude’) Kerry and Robert Kerrey were admitted war-criminals in Vietnam, I think the New School one is Bob…

    The NYPD ain’t foolin around. If there’s one thing they’ve learned from demonstratons and school-takeovers past, it’s taze, mace, arrest. After that there woulda been tear-gas and snipers, a real dogday afternoon courtesy bloomberg’s goons.

    From the ‘About’ page of the New School website:

    The New School is a legendary, progressive university comprising eight schools bound by a common, unusual intent: to prepare and inspire its 9,400 undergraduate and graduate students to bring actual, positive change to the world

    With tuition at 18k, plus the min 30k for the ‘Sex and the City’ NYC expenses, these kids are paying mad money, and should own that place. Admin. should be negotiating, listening and not arresting.

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