Pepe Escobar: Welcome to another New World Order

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Pepe Escobar Pt1: A tsunami of hype around another New World Order


Welcome to the new “New World Order”

Pepe Escobar Pt1: A tsunami of hype around another New World Order

The idea of a New World Order was presented at the recent G20 summit where the global ruling elite met in hopes of finding a solution to the current world financial crisis. Pepe Escobar, Foreign Correspondent for The Real News, felt the overall idea put forth in this NWO was “a world were it’s our gain, your pain”.

While there were a lot of promises made by Obama to pump money in to the IMF little has changed, Escobar comments “the G20 sounded like an Obama credit boom with fake money, the global depression roles on”.

Even though Obama claims the G20  was a success which saw an “enormous consensus” between the largest developed and emerging economies Escobar remains skeptical,  “before the G20 the GAB (a European economic think tank)….were projecting what may happen next. The system may disintegrate and global political dislocation, in other words chaos may be just around the corner”

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Pt 2 Pepe Escobar: There will be class war and blood

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5 thoughts on “Pepe Escobar: Welcome to another New World Order

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  4. I do like Pepe, brilliant. The first part above is excellent, but then it gets a bit far down the rabbit hole.

    In the second half to this he says ‘there will be blood’, and pulls out the FEMA camp card, and that it’s the rightist FOX-type ideologues who will carry this out and promote the militarization.

    But why then is Beck now going on about FEMA camps, and why would these same rightists be arming the entire populace (Texas wants concealed firearms allowed in public schools!), if NWO supression of the populace is afoot?

    Are even the gun-nut ‘conservatives’ piling onto the very class warfare/insurrection threat their own ideology begat?

    Why also would the rightists (so-called conservatives) be aping the grass roots movements and marches of anti-war demonstrations of decades past with their ‘tea parties’– (sorta like how they call anyone who rails at those who would invade as ‘hate speach’)?

    And why would Brzcinski always be trotted out as the one who predicts ‘riots’, when Jones identifies him as Bilderberger, and of course Trilateral Commission, how would warning of riots help his cause, if that were his goal? I thought it was supposed to be a shadow conspiracy, being planned in secret…

    Perhaps these ‘FEMA camps’ are really for protecting the elite when the gun-pweilding impoverished masses come after them… What better ‘gated community’ could there be but a military base.

    I just don’t see why this all gets taken to the paranoid idea that there’s a conspiracy planning all this to some intentional Martial Law goal, to subjugate the masses to benefit the super rich.

    Of course it’s a conspiracy, finance capital is international, it’s a cabal, and it’s dangerous and criminal, and banksters are in government as once big oil (Rockefeller, Bush) and big industry were. It’s a clear corruption, as was the vast swindle of the MIC and its bogus wars.

    Kucinich is brilliant about this, and how dangerous this Bankster theft is.

    But implying this is a plan for class warfare headed up by the right-wing (or is it the left wing, in supporting Obama the ‘puppet’, or both?), it’s only a few steps from those who claim it’s all hatched at Bohemian Grove.

    The problem is with the people themselves, who on both the right and ‘left’, whether pitchfork-wielding red-staters assembling in these pretend anti-tax rallies, or the ‘liberals’ who were galvanized by obomba, the people have become a throng of apathetic believers willing to believe, and fear seems to be the best way in the USA, perhaps because they have so much to lose, while the fearless masses of the developing world have lived without all this time.

    If that fear-based throng gets too upset, no FEMA Camps could hold them back, it never works. For that reason alone, it defies logic that the Banksters would willingly make the USA so poor that there’d ‘be blood’.

    Anyway, nothing much riles the people, we have had the military shoot down unarmed people at Kent State, the murderers got off, the Vietnam war went on for years, and we were right back at it in Iraq.

    This particular conspiracy theory, like most, is based in truth, up to a point, but not to be taken too far. It seems both the ‘liberals’ and the limbaugh set are using this to rile people to some fear-based action, people should be darn sure of the level this is taken to in their minds before getting too blindly religious about it.

    And if Glen beck is now spouting it, that’s a huge red flag– he’s using a ‘Johnny Git yer Gun’ call to arms to rile ratings. The ‘bloodbath’ is more likely because of his lynch-mobs with their shot-guns nostalgic for the civil war.

    In either case, I don’t see how it helps the plight of the Banksters and international finance capital to completely destroy the wealth and workforce (which as any capitalist knows, can’t be mandated, people only function efficiently out of personal greed).

    It’s all just an organized syndicate of greed-barons, and if they actively destroy the consumer base with starvation and force, then the very thing the bankers built their paper on (real-estate, for example) will fail, and their paper worthless (as we shall likely soon see, when their dollar-denominated assets are wiped out with a large collapse of the currency, and what currency will survive a collapse like that… there doesn’t even exist enough gold– All the gold ever mined is only worth about $4-5 Trillion).

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