Poll: Should Drugs Be Legal?

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April 14, 2009

Here are 2 polls you can participate in.  Vote directly in the poll box below then go to the link to vote in CNN’s poll. ~ DS




Do you think the United States should legalize drugs?

No way

Yes, all drugs

Only marijuana


results 4.14.09 2:00 PM CDT:

No way 7% 110
Yes, all drugs 49% 753
Only marijuana 43% 660
Total Votes: 1523

This is not a scientific poll

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A criminally stupid war on drugs in the US By Clive Crook (updated: added video and poll)

7 thoughts on “Poll: Should Drugs Be Legal?

  1. you no what i dont get.??? that alcohol is legal and drugs arent. i mean alcohol is just as bad as drugs and vice versa. so why make one legal but not the other.???? plus most people only do drugs because it illegal and its ‘cool’ to not follow the rules. so if it became legal then many kids would possibly stop doing them. since drug dealers lace things with the drug to make it more addictive. but if america was producing the drug we wouldnt lace it with hazordous chemicals and could possibly save millions of lives. thats only part of the reason why i think drugs should become legal.

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  3. It’s not quite so simple.

    Marijuana is not such a drug, it’s an herb.

    The herbal forms of all these drugs should absolutely be legal, and they each have medicinal uses, and are not nearly as powerful nor addictive as the refined versions, and should all be legal to grow for personal consumption, sales regulated, taxed, only opium carefully controlled but not illegal.

    Do outlaw and prohibit the dangerous, refined, deadly versions of these herbs:

    Cocaine no; coca yes.
    Meth no; Ma Huang yes
    Heroine no; Opium yes
    LSD no; Psilicibin Yes

  4. PS: If alcohol prohibition created a giant “criminal syndicate” in North America, and cannabis prohibition has done the exact same thing, why are so many people still entrenched in their wilfull ignorance, and refusing to see that things will not change until we alter our thinking to reflect the real facts of the matter.

    Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result each time.”

    The question is…how crazy are people today?

  5. FOr those who really want to know the truth behind the “illegal drugs” movement which was started in the 1930’s, please see http://JackHerer.com for the FACTS.

    For those who want more general information, please hit http://NORML.org

    For those who want a cure for cancer to be made LEGAL, please hit http://PhoenixTears.ca or http://PhoenixTearsMovie.com and learn the truth about how the cure for cancer is being deliberately kept from the people for corporate profit reasons…

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